The All-Time San Francisco 49ers Roster

Zander FreundSenior Writer IFebruary 8, 2008

The 49ers went 5-11 this year—needless to say, the organization has seen better days.

Some fans may be interested in analayzing who the Niners might be drafting next season in order to improve to 7-9, but this fan would rather remember the good old days of quick slants and screen passes, a dominating secondary, and five Super Bowl Championships.

For as the old saying goes: There's nothing quite like nostalgia when the present seems so utterly pointless.

OK, I just made that up...but who ever said you can't invent proverbs when it's convienent?

Anyways, assembling this roster was no easy task—Steve Young, my favorite NFL player of all time, is sitting on the bench, and I'm not happy about it (however it's pretty much unavoidable when you consider the field general who preceded him).

There are a bunch of other guys who didn't end up making the cut, but will always be remembered by Niner Nation as heroes of the most special kind.  So I threw together a bench to give the reserves their deserved moment in the sun.

And what a fine bench it is...almost as intimidating as the team itself.

Without further ado, I give you the all time San Francisco 49ers...



QB: Joe Montana
RB: Garrison Hearst
FB: Tom Rathman
TE: Brent Jones
WR: Jerry Rice
WR: Terrell Owens
T: Bob St. Clair
T: Harris Barton
G: Guy McIntyre
G: Randy Cross
C: Forest Blue


DE: Fred Dean
DE: Chris Doleman
DT: Bryant Young
DT: Leo Nomellini
OLB: Charles Haley
MLB: Ken Norton Jr.
OLB: Dave Wilcox
CB: Deion Sanders
CB: Jimmy Johnson
SS: Tim McDonald
FS: Ronnie Lott

Special Teams

K: Ray Wershing
P: Tommy Davis
Return Specialist: John Taylor


Steve Young, John Brodie, Roger Craig, Hugh Macelhenny, Joe Perry, William Flloyd, Dwight Clark, Gene Washington, Jesse Sapolu, Charlie Krueger, Dana Stubblefield, Michael Carter, Cedric Hartman, Keena Turner, Jack Reynolds, Eric Wright, Carlton Williamson, Abe Woodson, Eric Davis, Dwight Hicks, Merton Hanks