5 Reasons Why There Are Too Many UFC Events Planned for 2012

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIOctober 18, 2011

5 Reasons Why There Are Too Many UFC Events Planned for 2012

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    When 2011 goes in the books the UFC will have put on 27 events. It’s been a blistering year for the organization and the fans. There have been great events, awesome fights and some really big news.

    Going into 2012, Dana White said that the UFC plans on holding an astounding 34 events over the course of the year. 

    Many fight fans are thrilled with the news, but much like any announcement there are going to be detractors. While I am not necessarily one of them, I do think there are some negative things that could happen as a result of holding so many events.

Fighter Fatigue

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    At UFC 140 Jon Jones will face off against Lyoto Machida in a fight for the UFC light heavyweight championship. It will be fight No. 4 featuring Jones in 2011.

    Jones is a young, talented fighter who has yet to take lots of damage in any of his fights. However, after it was announced that he would be fighting again in December, the question was raised whether or not four fights in a year was too many.

    Obviously Jones is an adult and can make decisions for himself, but will the quality of fights begin to slip if fighters are pushed to their max?

Too Many Fighters

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    One way for the UFC to fend off fighter fatigue would be to bring more fighters into the organization. 

    The UFC is the pinnacle of excellence for MMA practitioners. If the organization becomes inundated with too many fighters, the skill level showcased will potentially begin to fall off, tarnishing the company’s reputation.

    There is a reason the UFC has risen above so many other fight promotions and it’s because they have the best fighters who put on the best fights.

Too Much Money for the Fans

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    The deal with Fox is a good thing for all of us fight fans on a budget. Most of us usually share the cost with a couple of our buddies, but add in food and beers and the fights can still get expensive.

    While the deal with Fox will help to alleviate some of the cost, there is still a lot of money to be spent if you’re a dedicated fan. 

    If the fights lose some of their luster, many fans will start to find a better use for their hard earned cash.

Too Much of a Good Thing

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    There is a reason adults, well most adults, don’t eat ice cream for dinner seven nights a week. 

    The UFC, unlike many other sports, doesn’t have an offseason. With 34 events to be held in just 52 weeks, fight fans aren’t going to get much of a break.

    While that’s a good thing for the hardcore MMA fans, many other fans will become bored with a sport they can see just about every week. Those fans may tune in for a big card here and there, but expect many of the casual viewers to drop off.

Unstable Growth

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    Up until now Dana White has been completely in control of nearly everything the UFC produces. Right down to its commercials and fighter negotiations, pretty much everything goes through Dana.

    He’s great at what he does and most of us love him for it. But he is, after all, only human. Eventually he’ll need to give up some control.

    When he does, lets all hope that he picks the right people, which if history has taught us anything, he more than likely will.