WWE Conspiracy: 6 Reasons CM Punk Needs Strong Enemies to Hang at His Level

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WWE Conspiracy:  6 Reasons CM Punk Needs Strong Enemies to Hang at His Level

Since this past summer, we've seen a much-needed resurgence in support for CM Punk.

Even though he's garnered huge support from the Internet Wrestling Community across much of his career, this summer's angle with his contract legitimately expiring (on or around the date claimed) and his threat to take the WWE Championship away from the company swayed many fans to his side, to the point where reports state that he's recently overtaken John Cena in merchandise sales.

Since Cena's ability to promote every manner of merchandise that he can fit on his top half has been so leaned upon, this has proven a huge enough hurdle to cross that WWE has renewed faith in Punk and decided he's up for a strong push coming soon.

In spite of this knowledge, his lack of distinct progress in any real direction seems to be taking many people by surprise, which I happen to find comical.

Among my peers here at Bleacher Report, there is a consensus that CM Punk's talent ranks him easily in the top three stars in the company, if not solidifies him as simply the best thing WWE has going today.  However, he's not confidently striding toward a WWE Championship title match, he's not tossing pipebombs like confetti, the conspiracy is taking a while to unravel and he hasn't claimed in a while that WWE would be better off if Vince was dead.

Simply put...if he's up for a push, when is it coming and why isn't it here yet?

I've done some thinking and I feel like the answer is real simple...

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