Oakland Raiders Must Look To Miami For Answers

Colin MehiganCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

How far have the Oakland Raiders fallen in recent times? Since they defeated Denver 25-24 on November 28 2008, the Raiders are an astonishing 0-10 in nationally televised games.

That is a truly astonishing statistic. It is a statistic which confirms the total ineptitude and incompetence at the way the team is being run, coached and led.

I was astonished to read Nnamdi Asomugha's thoughts after the humilating 34-7 loss to San Diego. The Raiders defensive captain was quoted as saying "You're hearing a lot of laughing ...a lot of the same thing after every game".

Asomugha is a true Raiders stalwart and the best cornerback in the league right now so how Al Davis can allow such contempt and disdain for the Raider organisation to fester is certainly beyond me.

Losing does not hurt badly enough for the Raider players (Asomugha and a number of others excepted).

Nevertheless if Al Davis looks to the example set by the Miami Dolphins then there may be hope.

Twelve months ago the Dolphins produced one of the most wretched seasons in the history of the NFL by going an infamous 1-15. .

But the Dolphins acted.

They hired Bill Parcells to oversee personal operations. Parcells in turn hired Jeff Ireland as general manager and Tony Sparano as head coach. They went about transforming the offensive and defensive lines and introduced Chad Pennington as a stabilising influence at quarterback.

Right now Miami stand on the threshold of the playoffs at 7-5 and if they win their remaining four games will win the AFC East. A culture of leadership was initiated in the locker room by head coach Sparano and the ineffective performances of 2007 are now a mere postscript.

With this in mind it is possible for the Raiders to transform themselves for next year.

Al Davis is about to make the most important set of decisions in the history of the Oakland Raiders.