Rob Ryan's Hair Is Glorious

David HeebCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2011

Rob Ryan's hair is a thing of beauty.
Rob Ryan's hair is a thing of beauty.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Rob Ryan is now officially my favorite coach in the NFL

First of all, he is Rex Ryan's twin brother, and I like Rex Ryan.  I know Rex has his critics, but I love a guy that isn't afraid to speak his mind. Second of all, Rob is a pretty darn good defensive coordinator, which shouldn't surprise anybody, because he is a Ryan.

The Ryans are some of the best defensive minds in football. Their father, Buddy Ryan, coached the greatest defense of all time, the 46 Defense of "Da Bears." Then along came Rex, head coach of the New York Jets, who is one of the better defensive coaches in the NFL. 

And now we have Rob, who is the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. Rob has made a name for himself in the NFL, with coaching stops at Arizona (he worked under his father), the Patriots, and the Browns. 

This is his first year as the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, and Dallas has been a much-improved unit on that side of the ball. But that isn't the reason for this silly article.

I'm talking about the dude's hair.

Have you seen the glorious mane that Rob sports? With all the hair commercials out there - Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews - why can't Rob Ryan get any love? You could have some commercial with Rex and Rob in it, and it would be YouTube gold.

Rex's mouth, plus Rob's hair? 

Who wouldn't watch that commercial? Who wouldn't buy that shampoo?

Hey Rob, if somebody gives you a call, be sure to remember, it was my idea!