Take a Deep Breath Bear Fans. It's Time to Assess Another Possible QB Carousel

Max KienzlerAnalyst IDecember 5, 2008

OK, the Chicago Bears are 6-6.  So we have not been the exact model of consistency this year.  We may have blown a couple games early in the season(Panthers, Bucs, Falcons).  Sure our defense has crapped the bed almost every game (except the 2 games against the Rams and Lions, both of which are lobbying to be moved down to NCAA division 1-AA)

So our receivers have dropped passes, been hurt, disappeared, or let go for some unknown reason. (Hey Lovie, have ya seen how Mark Bradley has been doing over in KC?... Cause I really want to know why this guy rarely saw the field while playing for us... just wondering) 

So our offensive line has been solid but not spectacular.  So our pass defense sucks. So our coaches seem to be complete morons at times. So Devin Hester has not returned any kicks for touchdowns. . . The blame still goes to our quarterback, right?

Oh no, here it goes again.  I wont lie to you. I hate this discussion.  Its stupid.  Its endless. And no matter how well one side argues the point, no one is ever going to agree.  But for the sake of argument, lets break down the Quarterback position of the Chicago Bears.

Current QB: Kyle Orton 


I like the guy.  I agree he has been shaky since returning from his ankle injury, but I currently believe that he could be the long term option at this position for the Bears.

Back ups: Rex Grossman, Caleb Hanie


I am not getting into the Rex saga.  He is gone after this year and I hope he does very well in his career.  Period, end of story. 

Hanie on the other hand is a bit of a conundrum.  Undrafted out of Colorado St., he exceeded expectations in preseason (that has led to some less than zealous Bear fans to call for him to come in and play which is an insane overreaction...) but he is still learning the system and he will not be a NFL ready QB for a number of years, if at all.

So, if the all powerful Jerry Angelo decides that KO is NOT the future of the Bears, what other options does he have?  Well, he can go two ways: 1) Free Agency/Trade 2) Draft

Lets look at the free agency/trade route because god help me, Angelo trying to select a successful first round pick is like a blind man playing baseball, sure he may make some contact once in a blue moon, but otherwise he is going to strike out 99 times out of 100.

List of free agent QB's in 2009 (subject to change):

- Kurt Warner (ARI) Charlie Batch (PIT) Kyle Boller (BAL) Brooks Bollinger (MIN) Matt Cassel (NE) Kerry Collins (TEN) Charlie Frye (SEA) Jeff Garcia (TB) J.P. Losman (BUF) Luke McCown (TB) Patrick Ramsey (DEN) 

Now who would you want out of that list?  Ok dumb question, better one would be: Who is a legit QB and/or could be in the future?  That rules out Batch, Bollinger, Frye, and Ramseyall career backups really. 

The future part rules out Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins (I know both teams are winning with these men at the helm, but seriously, it is only a matter of time before they get hurt.  They are not QB's of the future)

A couple wild cards that are sure to fail: Boller and McCown. Boller sucked on a Ravens team that mirrored the Bears pretty well up until this year where their D is still half decent and ours generally sucks. McCown... McCown just doesn't really win games.  There is just no other way of putting it.

That brings us to three: Matt Cassel, Jeff Garcia and J.P. Losman. I know I know, I put Garcia here because of his mobility, but he is getting old, your right. He’s out.  And even though  Losman can throw  a great deep ball, the Bills and former Bears head coach Dick Jauron did absolutely nothing when Losman was in charge.

That leaves career back up Matt Cassel who has come "Kurt Warner/Tony Romo" out of nowhere path to be a pretty solid QB.  He still has a lot to prove because he hasn't had to worry much about getting sacked because his O-line has been decent at pass protection (except that Steelers game where he was hit... a lot) and he can throw the ball to Randy Moss and Wes Welker, which would make any QB's life easier.

Well, why doesn't Angelo trade for an experienced QB? Philly fans are ready to roast Chicago native, Donovan McNabb, so how about making a deal for him? Or how about Derek Anderson, who some Bear fans (admittedly myself included) pressed the Bears to go after last season?

But no, if the Bears get a current NFL QB, it will be through free agency because that’s how Angelo is. 

So of course, IF Angelo pursues a FA quarterback this off season, it will most likely be... Jeff Garcia.  That’s right. I said it.  Matt Cassel will be demanding a lot more money than Jerry will want to spend so he will go the older veteran, and the long shot route and it will probably fail miserably.  Which means that even with a FA signing, KO would still be our quarterback.

So how about option 2, the Draft:

First things first, who we get could depend on where we are drafting at. Lets say that the standings finish right where they are currently. That would put the Bears anywhere from 15-17 in the draft order.  If that is the case, and assuming that some people turn pro early there could be some intriguing picks available.  

Another factor is who might be headed to the NFL?: Tim Tebow (UF), Matthew Stafford (UGA), Colt McCoy (UT), Sam Bradford (OU), Mark Sanchez (USC), Graham Harrell (TTU), Nate Davis (Ball State).

Tim Tebow

I don't want. If he tries running in the pros like he runs in college, he could quickly become a concussion magnet. But that’s not even the main reason, I just think he lacks accuracy.  The man is a leader and a winner and I admire that, but I don't think he fits here... plus I just do not want ANOTHER Florida QB.

Matt Stafford

Will probably not be available by the time it gets to us in the first round but he is good in the pocket. Has a great arm and a good head on his shoulders. Although, the major knock is that he does not throw well on the run.

Colt McCoy

A good leader. Handles pressure well.  Moves very well in the pocket however his major weakness is that he lacks arm strength.

Sam Bradford

He redshirted in 2006 so he is eligible to go to the draft this year. He is a smart quarterback with a great arm and excellent decision maker. Although he, like Stafford, is not the most mobile QB.

Mark Sanchez

Current QB for a college team that could probably beat both the Lions and the Rams.  Excellent footwork, good arm, smart passer.  Flip side is he still holds the ball to long in the pocket sometimes. 

Graham Harrell

Quick release, improved coverage reads, and makes good decisions. Downside is that he never takes a snap under center, it is always from the shotgun.  He is sometimes called a system quarterback. And his ability to hit deep throws has come into question.

Nate Davis

NFL body. Good release. Strong Arm. Makes accurate throws. However, he played for Ball State so there is a question of the level of competition he has faced and some scouts have critiqued his throwing motion.

Who do I want? I want Sam Bradford.  McCoy might not be bad.  Sanchez is solid, but Bradford just seems right 6'4 218 pounds. So far this year he has 46 touchdowns and only six INTS, that's good in any division.

Jerry Angelo will therefore probably take: Curtis Painter out of KO's alma mater Purdue.  I have no idea why, but it seems like an Angelo move.

So, next year... I am staying in Orton's corner.  Maybe see who is available in the first round and who falls to us in the second, but I think KO has what it takes to be our Quarterback of the now and the future.  


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