The Top 10 Greatest Tag Teams of the Modern Era of Wrestling

Kenny McKnightContributor IIIOctober 15, 2011

The Top 10 Greatest Tag Teams of the Modern Era of Wrestling

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    Tag team wrestling has long been a staple of the wrestling industry. Many legendary tag teams have emerged throughout history, from teams like the Minnesota Wrecking Crew to the Bruiser and the Crusher, even to modern teams like Edge and Christian.

    This list is focusing on tag teams starting in the '80s and working through to the modern era. Many will likely disagree with this list, but that is the beauty of something like this. So sit back, enjoy and feel free to debate over who should/shouldn't be considered in the top 10.

#10 Harlem Heat

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    When Booker T and Stevie Ray hit WCW, they made a hue impact. They brothers dominated throughout their run in WCW, capturing the WCW World Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions as well as putting on some classic matches with everyone from Sting and Lex Luger, to the Steiner Brothers, to The Outsiders and everyone in between.

    As soon as their music hit, you know somebody was going to get hurt.

# 9: The Steiner Brothers

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    The Steiners had success everywhere that they went. Working most of their tag team career as fan favorites, the two epitomized teamwork. They helped keep the tag team scene meaningful everywhere they went and even helped train one of ECW's most dominant wrestlers, Taz. These two men were great amateur wrestlers and could hang with anybody in the wrestling industry.

#8: The British Bulldogs

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    Though many people think of Davey Boy Smith first, The British Bulldogs as a tag team were a force to be reckoned with. Their classic matches with The Hart Foundation turned heads and made people take notice. The intensity of the Dynamite Kid with the raw power of Davey Boy Smith made for a devastating team.

#7: The Outsiders

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    There have been tag teams in the past and since that have dominated the tag division, but The Outsiders dominated an entire wrestling promotion. The founding fathers of the New World Order made a huge impact on the world of professional wrestling. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash took on some of the best tag teams of all time and did whatever they had to do to keep the tag titles around their waists. Wherever these two men went, they always made an impact.

#6: Beer Money Inc.

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    Tag Team Wrestling in WWE has been on it's deathbed for many years now, but TNA's tag division has been alive and well thanks in a major way to Beer Money Inc. They were tossed together because creative needed to do something with the two, and they have made a major name for themselves, becoming 4 time TNA Tag Team Champions in the four years that they have been together. These two have all the tools to go toe to toe with the best in the world, and if you disagree...well...ask James Storm what he thinks.

#5: The Hart Foundation

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    The Hart Foundation was another team put together because creative had no real plans for them. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart put tag team wrestling on the map in WWE alongside teams like The British Bulldogs and the Killer Bees. Bret is one of the best technical wrestlers in the history of wrestling, and combined with the raw power of The Anvil, these two could pick apart just about anybody.

#4: Edge & Christian

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    Edge and Christian managed to make people laugh and want to kill them at the same time. These two goofballs managed to round up several WWE Tag Team Championships during their time together, and took part in the resurgence of tag team wrestling in WWE in the late 90s. Pioneers of TLC; these two men made their mark on wrestling history in a big way.

#3: The Hardy Boyz

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    Matt and Jeff Hardy took high risk wrestling to a new level. They made a name for themselves as daredevils who would try literally anything to please the fans, and pleasing the fans is something they have done very well. Multiple Title reigns and countless memorable moments have earned The Hardys a spot as one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

#2: Team 3D

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    With well over 20 World Tag Team Championship reigns, it is hard to argue when Team 3D claim to be the best tag team of all time. These man have literally done it all, getting their start in a bingo hall working for ECW. They dominated the tag scene there before moving to WWE and putting on classic wars with Edge & Christian, The Hardys, The APA, and many others. When WWE's tag team division began falling apart, Team 3D jumped to TNA and made their mark by winning the TNA Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions, proving that these two are arguably the best ever. There is however one team who has a strong case to make that Team 3D is only number two...

#1: The Road Warriors

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    Nobody has been as dominant in tag team wrestling as Hawk and Animal. These two men destroyed their competition in the NWA, WCW, WWE, and anywhere else they decided to go, winning tag titles all along the way. No tag team has ever been more recognizable than The Legion of Doom. Very Rarely are tag teams treated like main eventers, but Hawk and Animal were an exception. Their reputation is unmatched and they will be forever considered by many fans to be the greatest tag team of all time.