Redskins Faulter Again? Thomas and Hall Bright Spots.

Travis EvansCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

The Redskins showed brilliant plays like Moss's 67 yard TD catch or Portis running around,over,and through defenders. But we also have seen the bad where Campbell and Portis aren't on the same page. We saw defense that was great maybe stellar ranked 3rd in the league at their best,and at worst,giving up 100 yard rushers at will. They were supposed to finish last in division according to many sports casters and we started to prove them wrong; yet now we are proving them right, by losing two straight at home divisional games. When times were good you could see happiness and upbeat on the sideline. Now it's gloom and doom. They have put up a measly 40 points in 4 games and that will not win games.
The wins will come less and less until we are the laughing stock of the NFL. Lucky for us we have three easily winnable games and one game that will take a combined effort from all the players. So does this mean we will win all three or four games. I think not the Eagles look to be back to their old selves and the Bengals always can put up points when Carson and the receivers all work together.
I predict two wins coming out of the schedule remaining. The reasons being blitz; both birds attack their prey and were next on the chopping block. The Ravens and Eagles will swarm over the arthritis aging linemen. Now with Portis's health being a factor look to see way more pass blitzing and less eight and nine men in the box.
If we can surpass the blitz and get the car started we may win three and a stretch four of them. I am growing very skeptical of the Skins game plan and how the players are getting in.
In the  Red Zone you should put Sellers in and pound it in for 6 just my thoughts. D Hall has been there again , and again. Why is Smoot still in he gets burned time in and time out. When past the twenty put five wide and spread it wide open. Throw it up for Thomas or Kelly they have height something Moss and  Randle lack. How will we ever know  whether Brennan can play if he doesn't get time to prove. When we were down why not put him in the last drive or two I mean we were out of the game almost the whole time.
Now to Campbell I am sick and tired of people all over him. He hasn't proven a thing and o that td-int ratio is going down  drastically. 10-4 is horrible. People say he will make strides over and over get off of him he won't this year, the next, or the year after that. I'am on Brennan's bandwagon because he has the RAW talent. I may be wrong but he does.
End of article thoughts. brennan highlights of preseason you tell me if he has the talent.
I couldn't put a photo up it wasn't letting me at the moment so don't ask.