And The Jets Crash Back To Earth

Shaun McGannContributor IDecember 3, 2008

I don’t gamble, I have no real feel for things like point spreads, but I did have a pretty bad feeling about the Jets game against Denver on Sunday. I should clarify: I mean beforehand, I’m sure any Jets fan had a bad feeling afterwards, perhaps the only relief was to know that the Steelers had already trounced on the Patriots, but no, there was something about the weather, something about all the hype the Jets were getting, something about the fact that they were supposed, to beat Denver that just made it seem like a trap game.
    It was an ugly game, on both sides. Yes Jay Cutler lit up the secondary and the much vaunted run defense gave up it‘s first 100 yard game to rookie Peyton Hillis, but Denver’s defense did  it’s best to give the Jets back the game. Thomas Jones reaped most of the benefits of this scoring practically untouched from 60+ yards, and then having the presence of mind to keep playing when no whistles were blown after a blown tackle.
    The Denver defense also seemed to have an unusual habit of getting hurt every time the Jets seemed to be driving and moving into a hurry up offense. Now, what do I know, the field was wet and injuries happen but the timing was, maybe, just a little suspect. Of course  it was all moot the after Cutler iced the game at 34; factories around the tri-state area halted production of Subway Super Bowl t-shirts and hats and New York was back to being a Big Blue town.
    Which is fine with me. The Jets have two games left that should be wins, (Seahawks and 49ers) and two games against teams in their division that they already have beat (Bills and Dolphins). If this season has shown anything about this team it’s that they don’t play very well against bad teams, there was the slaughter on Monday Night in San Diego, who  had yet to be exposed as a bad team, the debacle in Oakland, and that narrow escape from those fearsome Kansas City Chiefs. So I’d be lying if I said that the Niners and Seahawks with their combined 6 wins didn’t scare me a little bit. The Bills have been on a downward spiral since their early first place run but surely remember that the recent Gang Green momentum really started when the Jets beat them at home last month.  And of course the season ends with those old wild cats the Dolphins who, with Chad Pennington at the helm, would love nothing more than to drop the Jets down a seed or out of the tournament altogether, depending on how the rest of the season goes.
    So maybe there was some silver lining in the rain clouds from that blunder against the Broncos. The local sports writers will be too busy pontificating over the future of Plaxico Burress for the next few weeks to feel the need to whip up any scenarios of a cross town championship game, and maybe this will put the Jets exactly where they need to be: under the radar.