Chael Sonnen Wins at UFC 136, Calls for 'Super' Rematch with Anderson Silva

Joshua CareySenior Analyst IOctober 8, 2011

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HOUSTON — Chael Sonnen immediately came out looking for the takedown at UFC 136, but Brian Stann was having none of it for the first minute.

However, a break in the clinch allowed Sonnen the opportunity he was looking for, and he hit a high-crotch single-leg takedown.

Sonnen looked to advance his position, which allowed Stann to scramble, and Sonnen transitioned to back mount. Stann was able to return standing, but only briefly before he was taken back down.

Stann worked on Sonnen’s left arm as he was working toward a triangle, but he couldn’t finish the hold.

Sonnen dominated the opening frame with superior wrestling and grappling once the action hit the mat.

Stann opened the second round with the absolute worst strike you could attempt on Sonnen—a leg kick, which Sonnen used to put Stann on his back.

Sonnen quickly moved into full mount for a few moments, where he kept busy by landing punches. But Stann was able to move into half-guard and the referee didn’t like the lack action and stood them up.

Stann landed a solid combination on the restart, but couldn’t keep the momentum as Sonnen immediately took the action back to the mat.

Sonnen’s superior wrestling proved too much for Stann and he submitted Stann with a textbook head and arm choke.

Following the two-round domination that saw him outclass Stann on the ground, Sonnen called current middleweight champion Anderson Silva out for a Super Bowl weekend rematch.

"You’re asking me if I think I’m next for Anderson Silva?" Sonnen said in the post-fight press conference. "No, he’s next. I’m the people’s champion, the linear champion, the best damn middleweight in the world. We’re playing for keeps now. Anderson Silva, it’s time.”

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