WWE Legacies Series: The Undertaker and the Superstars He Helped To Establish

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WWE Legacies Series: The Undertaker and the Superstars He Helped To Establish

This series is aimed at discussing the impact that wrestlers have left on the business, regardless of their personal achievements. The impact I am aiming to discuss is the way they have improved the product or careers of other superstars.

Due to my age and when I started to follow the WWF/WWE, I am solely focusing this series on individuals whose careers date from around 1997 onwards and, more specifically, on less active or retired wrestlers.

For the second installment, I am focusing on The Undertaker. Without a doubt, his gimmick has been the strongest in the history of the WWE, and even today when the comic book style characters are obsolete, The Undertaker's persona is simply timeless.  Credit should be given to the creative team, however Mark Calaway has embodied the Deadman so well over the years, that he has truly created an aura about the gimmick that makes his presence truly unique.

During such a long and successful career, The Undertaker has helped to create and establish the careers of many future WWE Hall of Fame candidates.  However, he himself has one of the rare careers like HBK, whose efforts arguably would deserve an individual wing, should a building ever be built to physically house Hall of Fame memorabilia.

His streak alone has helped to launch and strengthen his opponents careers on several occasions, ironically as they have so far always lost.  He has portrayed both heel and face roles and was a major superstar during the Attitude Era, feuding with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH and Mankind.  A constant amongst the main event scene, his legacy can be compared to few others, and when he finally retires, he will leave a void that cannot be replaced.

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