WWE Legacies Series: Edge and the Superstars He Helped Make

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WWE Legacies Series: Edge and the Superstars He Helped Make
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A Sure Fire WWE Hall of Famer

This series is aimed at discussing the impact that wrestlers have left on the business, regardless of their personal achievements.  The impact I am aiming to discuss is the way they have improved the product or careers of other superstars. 

Due to my age and when I started to follow the WWF/WWE, I am solely focusing this series on individuals whose careers date from around 1997 onwards, and more specifically, on less active or retired wrestlers.

To begin the series, I am focusing on the recently retired Rated R Superstar Edge.  I began following the WWE a month before Edge's debut, and he has consistently been amongst my three favourite wrestlers.

Edge had evolved through the various eras of the WWE, from his loner gimmick, through The Brood, E&C, his lengthy mid-card reign (where he unfortunately became severely injured around his first major push, halting his rise to the top for several years), through his return on Raw, to becoming The Rated R Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist and a dignified retirement in early 2011, he became one of the most beloved superstars of the past decade.

The skill he had when portraying both a face and a heel was that either way, he made the audience care about his actions.  A face can be cheered, and a heel can be booed, but Edge was one of those rare characters that incited the extremes of each side of the scale because he engaged the audience.  He could wrestle, and he would entertain, thereby making him one of the most complete superstars the industry has seen.

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