Oakland Raiders Rob Ryan: What Is the Problem?

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 2, 2008

Hello Raider fans and football fans alike...A word for this season is "frustrating"...But I will tell you what pumps this team up...A great defensive stand and three-'n-outs. This Raiders defense is so very capable of out performing almost any D with the players we have... we have all seen it and like a broken record I  harp about Rob Ryan and his mysterious defensive schemes...What is his problem???


Is he gambling on us??? Is he loony??? Is he sabotaging us??? Does he want the h/c job and wants Cable, Kiffin, and any other head coach to fail???


Does he not care???


What would give him the reason to run defensive schemes the way he does?


As you may know, I think Rob me of a win Ryan is capable of leading this defense to being one of the top ranked d's in the league...One week he does and the next week he doesn't. A prime example of this is we stuff Denver in Denver, and the next week let K.C. march right down the field. HUH??


Sounds like Ryan is wagering on us. How else do you explain it. We haven't had injuries to our d (none too substantial).... and Ryan has been the D-coordinator for years now, so he is experienced.


Can someone give me a rational reason on why this has happened???


Here is a brief overview of our season, game by game:


Get run over by Denver and not change the d scheme the whole game.


Stuff the Chiefs' offense.


Stuff the then-potent first place Bills 'til the fourth, then go soft and lose.


Stuff the Bolts 'til the four, then go soft and lose.


Get smoked by the Saints, with no pressure on the quarterback by design.


Stuff the Jets and play solid D for FIVE QUARTERS (takes away the fatigue excuse for the other games)


Completely let the Ravens roll over us with no pressure by design.


Play fantastic D vs. the first place Panthers.


Stuff the Dolphins to only let them march right down the field with a soft D to lose the game.


Stuff the Broncos severely.


Play a soft D vs the Chiefs and lose to them at 1-10.



There is something severely wrong with this picture. That is unexplainable inconsistency. I think that this is subject that needs investigated. Someone from ESPN or FOX should grill Rob me of a win Ryan in an interview and ask how this happens!!!