Los Coolés: The 20 Coolest Players in FC Barcelona History

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIOctober 5, 2011

Los Coolés: The 20 Coolest Players in FC Barcelona History

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    FC Barcelona is a cool team, and it certainly has had some cool players throughout its history.

    It's not as easy to explain what makes a player cool, but it is undeniable that some players are definitely cooler than others.

    In this mindset, I have used feelings more than logic in this slideshow, as I tried to rank the 20 coolest players to ever wear the Blaugrana shirt. 

    It will evidently end up being a very subjective ranking (no that any ranking isn't), so bare with me as we explore the 20 players who are the coolest in Culé history.

20. Xavi

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    Let's be honest. Xavi's actually not that cool.

    He very well could be the man next door...except for his footballing skills, that is.

    He makes this list more because of his top class footballing than his real coolness.


    Cool Moment/Move: The "Xavi 180° spin" he does when he wants to keep possession.

19. David Villa

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    David Villa is Spain's all-time leading scorer, and was one of the best strikers in the World before he joined Barcelona.

    He won a Champions League and League title his first year in, fitting seamlessly into the Blaugrana footballing style.

    Now that's cool. 


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring a goal in the top corner in the 2010/11 UCL Final

18. Cesc Fábregas

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    There's something about Cesc.

    Two months in, he's already a fan favourite and one of Lio Messi's deadliest partners.

    You know what's cool? When it shows that you're playing for the club you love.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring five goals and five assists in his first five games as a Blaugrana.

17. Samuel Eto'o

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    Samuel could've been way cooler.

    But he has to deal with being 17, even though he won it all at Barcelona.

    The "Indomitable Lion" nickname is as cool as it gets, though.

    Eto'o's definitely cool.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring two goals in to UCL Finals.

16. Marc Overmars

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    Overmars was supposed to be the "Anti-Figo."

    He wasn't.

    What he was, though, is insanely fast.

    And that makes you instantly very cool, even if football wise you're not so good.

    Just ask Usain Bolt if you don't believe me.


    Cool Moment/Move: Being fast.

15. Pep Guardiola

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    Here's the thing about being cool: Pep might be a worse footballer than No.20 Xavi, yet he is far cooler.

    Something about Pep's attitude is just great.

    It doesn't hurt that he was amazing with a football, either.


    Cool Moment/Move: Every time he lifted his head to find someone to pass to.

14. Romario

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    When you're Brazilian, you're cool.

    But Romario was also one of the best goal-scorers in history. 

    When he tipped the ball in, it looked easy. 

    And easy = cool.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring with his outsole every time he could.

13. Thierry Henry

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    Remember when Henry was bought? 

    The pure idea of a Eto'o-Dinho-Messi-Henry strike-force was an insanely cool thought.

    Henry just has it.

    And even though he underperformed as a Blaugrana compared to his Arsenal days, he still was a very cool Blaugrana.


    Cool Moment/Move: Curling shots to the post that seem to miss...but go in.

12. Edgar Davids

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    He wears sunglasses, he kicked people.

    VERY cool.

    Davids was a one of Nike's superstars based on using shades. 

    He was cool for Barcelona for exactly the same reasons.


    Cool Moment/Move: Wearing orange sunglasses.

11. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Forget he got sold after a season.

    Remember that rocket he scored on a free kick? Or the back-heel passes he made? Or the one-touch passes?


    Zlatan just exudes cool.


    Cool Moment/Move: Having the technique to do ANY move/overblown celebrations

10. Kubala

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    I'm kind of guessing on Kuabala's coolness.

    But when you need the Camp Nou so people can watch a player, you have to assume he was cool to watch.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring bucket-loads of goals for Barcelona in the 50's

9. Luis Figo

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    This man is half the reason I'm a Blaugrana today.

    He could've been the coolest one ever if he hadn't, you know, backstabbed Barcelona and joined Madrid.

    Watching him play on the god-awful Barcelona team of the late 90s was simply fantastic.


    Cool Moment/Move: Dribbling and scoring long-shots outside the box

8. Andrés Iniesta

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    Andrés has a low-key personality.

    But he definitely doens't have that football-wise.

    He is one of the great close-quarters dribblers in the world, and has the ability to amaze every single time he touches the ball.


    Cool Moment/Move: Dribbling two opponents in half a yard of space and scoring crackers in defining moments (UCL vs. Chelsea and 2010 World Cup Final)

7. Michael Laudrup

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    What I said about Iniesta applies to Laudrup as well.

    Very similar players, and very similar in coolness as well.


    Cool Moment/Move: Delivering through balls amongst air-tight defenses.

6. Maradona

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    He's Maradona.

    Everything he did except for the drugs part was cool.

    The end.


    Cool Moment/Move: Dribbling the hell out of Real Madrid defenders and being applauded at the Bernabeu

5. Ronaldo

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    "El Fenomeno" left Barcelona fans, Spain, Europe and the World in awe with his '97 season at Barcelona.

    To this day, we all want to be Ronaldo, basically.

    It's a shame he left so soon, though.


    Cool Moment/Move: Dribbling everybody; scoring.

4. Lionel Messi

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    Lionel Messi has no personality at all.

    But to compensate for that, he has all the football talent in the world at his disposal.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring more than 50 goals in the 2010/11 season.

3. Rivaldo

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    Rivaldo could do it all, and he's the other half of the equation (with Luis Figo) of why I'm a Barcelona fan.

    I will always remember his lanky frame and the superb technique he had. 

    He was just so cool to watch, even though Barcelona struggled in his time as a Blaugrana.


    Cool Moment/Move: Bicycle kick goal against Valencia.

2. Johan Cruyff

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    They could easily name him "The Cool Flying Dutchman."

    He would be number one if he'd won more titles with Barcelona.


    Cool Moment/Move: Being born, basically. Johan could do it all.

1. Ronaldinho

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    It seems like it's been a lifetime since Dinho was considered cool.

    However, he was probably the world's coolest player in his prime around 2003 and 2006. 

    Ronaldinho was everywhere, and he pulled Barcelona out of the dark ages almost single-handedly.

    There's just nobody cooler than Dinho wearing the Blaugrana. And given the company he has in this slideshow, that says a lot.


    Cool Moment/Move: Scoring two goals and being applauded at the Bernabeu.


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