Pretty Boy and the Patriots Went Down

Twins HinesCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2008

The Giants played the Patriots and slammed them down, as Strahan would say.

The Giants started off strong and really showed they were meant to be there. The whole team was playing great, and I feel that through every game in the playoffs the Giant's had been getting better.

The Giants’ offense started to make good throws and got lucky sometimes because it could have been an interception. I love this Giants offense because of their ways and they trust each other, but they also are strong.

When Tyree got the pass from Eli on top of his head, we were all yelling. How did Eli get away from that sack? Eli had the power and knew that it meant everything, and the effort he put in was great.

I love the way the defense played strong and fast. They really knew how to blitz Tom, a.k.a. Pretty Boy. He got sacked 5 times—that is incredible. I think that the defense has been really improving, and it’s the driving force of the team even though the offense is catching up and really coming a long.

It is amazing how the way that Strahan and the defense can blitz and sack one of the world’s greatest. The end of the game made me laugh when Bill Belichick just walked right off the field, not waiting, just running off. I just think, what sore losers. I think he shouldn’t have cheated in the beginning of the year, so this is what he gets. Congratulations to the Giants for defeating the Patriots.

The celebrating never ended when they were on their floats with the trophy high, going down Broadway in New York City. The crowd was going wild, and they were making everyone laugh.

Some fans before the parade bought a Brady jersey, went in front of the video camera that shows it on the big screen, and burned the jersey. Some people had signs saying "Who Tiki." The celebration was a first for everyone on the team.