Why Arsene Wenger Will Always Be the Bigger, Better Man Than These Scumbags

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2008

The Football Association of England don't half harp on about "Respect," do they?

Respect the players, the fans, the referees—how about a little respect for the managers.

As an Arsenal fan, I have my own manager in mind.

For over 12 years, a man that has given so much to English football has to travel to away grounds in England and hear the most disgusting of slurs on his name. For over 12 years, the FA have sat idly by and done nothing about it.

I debated over whether I should write this or not but following the actions of some of Chelsea's Neanderthal fans on Sunday, I decided enough was enough. Don't get me wrong, it is not only Chelsea fans, it is coming from the majority of clubs in England.

Nor am I so blinded by my love of Arsenal to think the fans of our club are all saints—but there is a line and too many opposition fans are crossing it week on week.

Everyone loves banter in football, it is part and parcel where chants and taunts make it what it is—but when does banter cross the line?

Banter: Waving fake money at Ashley Cole

Crossing the line: Making monkey noises at black players

Basically one is really just fun, the other is aimed to hurt and cause offence.

Every season we see stadiums empty as matches are played behind closed doors because of racist chants and how right this is. Every season we see clubs getting fined because their fans think it is funny to mock the origins of opposition players—how right this is as well.

The FA are very quick to condemn opposing countries whose fans mock their black contingent. Even today, there is to be an investigation by the FA over chants made against Mido regarding his supposed likeness to the shoe bomber, Richard Reid.

These actions are of course most welcome, but how can the FA launch investigations into the racial taunts and then blatantly ignore the sickening, vile comments made about Arsene Wenger?

Why is there one rule for one thing and another rule for something else?

For those who may not know about the "Wenger Chant" or like the FA seem to want to bury their heads in the sand, this excuse for a chant claims that Wenger is a paedophile and has been sung in various grounds across England for the last 12 years and yet the FA have done nothing.

Nor for that matter have the mass media!

For any person to be subjected to this level of libellous bile spewing from the mouths of ignorant fools is a stain on a game we all love. You can see and hear these excuses for football fans on television—what makes it all the worse is that you have parents egging on their children to join in—all the while I wonder how many are actually educated enough to actually spell the word!

So tell me this is banter...

This topic is not in the slightest bit funny but as long as these cowards have their fun that is all the matters to them. They are nothing less than sheep following the pack.

How can the FA see this as anything less than a personal attack on a good man's character?

How the FA, individual fans, and the media can make light of sexual abuse toward minors is beyond belief and is compounded by the lack of inaction regarding this issue.

Not alone, but I sincerely hope that Arsene Wenger's 10-year old daughter does not attend away games and is sheltered from this rubbish. Hopefully, the Arsenal manager has never had to explain to his child what these accusations mean to her—she is far too young to need to know.

Yet, kids the same age as Leah Wenger are been encouraged week in and week out to chant words they don't understand or can't spell by the very people who should be telling them the right and wrongs of the world—their fathers more often than not.

Now tell me who is the one hurting children in all this?

Wenger claims the chants have no effect—a claim I would take with a pitch of salt.

But what good would his complaining do—the FA don't care, the media don't care, the honest fan turns a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Respect—what respect?

The FA, UEFA, and FIFA are making strides in kicking racism out of the game—a bit more of an effort in kicking out this vile rubbish with it would be most welcome. 


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