New York Jets Grounded As Denver Broncos Soar

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

First of all, Angel Navedo deserves major plaudits for taking this loss like a man. Jets fans, unlike their Patriot, Charger, and Raider counterparts are not a-holes so way to stay classy Jet Nation, or whatever you call yourselves.

With that said, notwithstanding the porous rain of the Meadowlands, Jay Cutler (27 of 43, 357 yards, 2 TD's, INT) outplayed the quarterback he idolized as an adolescent in the aptly-named community of Santa Claus, Ind.

Let it be known that I am a Brett Favre hater so I took special satisfaction in his sub-par performance.

Although the Jets are a better team than they showed, turnovers are horrendous. They have caused the Broncos to lose to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Jaguars. OUCH.

If you ever wonder why the Ravens, Steelers, and Titans are playing like elite teams it's because they win the turnover battle virtually every week.

If the Broncos could do this consistently, notwithstanding their numerous injuries, they could easily be 8-4 right now. Oh well, that's enough of that point.

As of right now, the Broncos have four winnable games to finish off the season in the Chiefs, Panthers, Bills, and Chargers. Carolina does sport a gaudy record, but Jake Delhomme hasn't really had a good game in a month. After his traumatizing experience in the Black Hole, he hasn't been himself; although DeAngelo Williams has been excellent (955 yards, 11 TD's) on the season.

At long last, the Broncos have found themselves (I HOPE) and the Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs comprise what is the worst division in the NFL with all due respect to the NFC North.

However, Denver may have asserted themselves as a tougher match-up in a playoff game than anyone could have previously imagined.

Peyton Hillis (129 yards 2 TD's) was magnificent as well at New York.

Of all the intriguing statistics that have personified the Broncos in this extremely mercurial season, this one stands out more than all the others: Denver is 6-0 when they win the turnover battle.

Let's keep it up Broncos, and the Chiefs should be no trouble.