Matt Cassel Todd Haley Video: Watch Sideline Squabble Between Clashing Chiefs

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterOctober 2, 2011

Sunday ended up being a good day for the Kansas City Chiefs, as they earned their first win of the season with a 22-17 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

But early on in the game, things were about as rosy as they had been in Kansas City's first three games, which is to say they were not rosy at all. The Chiefs were put in a 7-3 hole late in the first quarter, and it was clear that there was frustration in the air at Arrowhead Stadium.

And it wasn't just limited to the home crowd. There was a point in the second quarter where quarterback Matt Cassel and head coach Todd Haley started jawing at one another. Though brief, the encounter was anything but friendly.

If you missed it, you can watch it above. As you will see, Haley clearly had a problem with the way Cassel gave up on a screen pass in the red zone. On the flip side, the video makes it look like Cassel clearly had a problem with Haley's play call.

Their disagreement boiled over from there, as Cassel and Haley started shouting at each other. Luckily for the two of them, Le'Ron McClain came in to break it up.

That was about as bad as it got and I think we can all agree that it could have been a lot worse. That the Chiefs ended up winning the game definitely helps matters.

Still, you have to wonder if there was any bad blood between Cassel and Haley before they started shouting at each other. You also have to wonder if said bad blood is going to linger for the rest of the season.

I for one would not be surprised. It was clear back in Week 1 that it was going to be a long, frustrating season for the Chiefs. The only question was how they were going to handle it.

If today's scuffle is any indication, they may not handle it all that well.

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