MLB 2011 Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why the Arizona Diamondbacks Can Still Win the NLDS

Dan PopoloskiContributor IIIOctober 1, 2011

MLB 2011 Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why the Arizona Diamondbacks Can Still Win the NLDS

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    The Arizona Diamondbacks have had an incredible run this season to overtake the defending World Series Champion Giants and go from worst to first.

    The only thing that could make this season any better is if the D-Backs do it all and take the World Series crown for the second time in franchise history. They may have lost Game 1 of their NLDS series vs. the Brewers today, 4-1, but they still aren't out.

    The D-Backs still have their young resilient offense led by Justin Upton and have solid starters Daniel Hudson and Josh Collmenter coming up in the next two games. They need to push hard, but the Diamondbacks can come back to take this.

5. Kirk Gibson

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    Manager of the year candidate Kirk Gibson is a big reason why the Diamondbacks have made it this far into the season and is a big factor that can help them in the NLDS. Gibson really seems to know this team, what it can do, and what things he can do that maximize his player's performances. Gibson could become the X-Factor for the D-Backs in the upcoming games.

4. Zack Greinke

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    Sure, Zack Greinke has had a resurgence this year with the Brewers after struggling with the Royals in 2010, but one simple fact can't be avoided, Greinke has some mental problems. He struggles easily and if a single obstacle comes against him, he can easily be thrown off of his groove. I believe that once on the big stage in the playoffs, Greinke will crack and give the Diamondbacks and great opportunity to tie up the series. After that, the D-Backs can take that momentum and start stringing together wins to overtake the Brewers.

3. Young Pitching

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    The Diamondbacks have the making of a dominant pitching staff for years to come. With Ian Kennedy leading the way for Daniel Hudson and Josh Collmenter with some other guys waiting to take over the fifth slot. Kennedy did fall to the Brewers offense but Hudson and Collmenter could possibly have better luck. They're young, confident, and have a positive attitude. Pitching is a mental skill and the Diamondbacks staff has the right thinking which could help them overcome the Brewers and maybe even make it to the World Series.

2. Justin Upton

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    The Diamondbacks have one of the most clutch hitters in the major leagues in Justin Upton and they need to exploit that. He had a fantastic MVP-candidate season and if he can pick up his game in the next couple of games in the NLDS, the team will be in business. You can bet on it that if there's Diamondback success, there's some heroics by Justin Upton behind it.

1. They Have Nothing to Lose

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    Nobody predicted that the Diamondbacks would come and take the division from the defending World Champion Giants this year and make the playoffs. It's because of these expectations that allowed the D-Backs to go about their season worry free about what people would think, and that relaxed feeling helped them to outplay the Giants and earn a spot in the playoffs. It's also because of that reason that will help the D-Backs in the playoffs. If they can stay relaxed and play the same style of baseball that they played the last three months of the season, then they can overtake the powerhouse Brewers.