1. San Francisco takes a 3-1 lead with a couple of runs in the 3rd. Due up for the #Padres: @solarte26, @TheRealMattKemp and @JUST_JUP

  2. Predicting Surprise Destinations for Top Targets

  3. Kennedy, Upton Reject Qualifying Offers

  4. Early Suitors for Top MLB Free Agents

  5. Upton, Kennedy Receive $15.8M Qualifying Offers

  6. The #Padres trail 8-0 after Belt's home run. @JUST_JUP will lead off the 8th inning. http://t.co/z9cRpA20nv

  7. Second triple of the INNING for the #Padres as @JUST_JUP hustles to third on the gapper to right-center.

  8. Giants plate two in the 5th to extend their lead to 6-3. #Padres coming up to bat with @TheRealMattKemp, @JUST_JUP and @brettwallace29.

  9. Padres' Upton Exits After Hitting Head on Wall

  10. A fine piece of lumber from the @JUST_JUP collection CRUSHES a ball to the second deck in left!  #Padres up 1-0, T2 http://t.co/hF0XFGTrxI

  11. So far and so fast! 458 foot shot by @JUST_JUP gives the #Padres an early lead. WATCH: http://t.co/hxq7pmkH4w http://t.co/GITdfoi8ty

  12. The #Padres are on the board as @wilmyers scores on @JUST_JUP's grounder! Now 3-1 top of the 3rd.

  13. The #Padres trail 7-2 after Colorado scores three in the 7th. Justin Upton leads off the 8th. http://t.co/q6CkYoAceO

  14. ... and even if re-signing Justin Upton is a long shot, not giving his brother the starting CF job despite outplaying Jankowski can't help.

  15. RBI @JUST_JUP! #Padres are on the board in the 3rd, making it a 5-1 game. http://t.co/wn9Tk4wRaD

  16. #Padres get a run on a single by Justin Upton. #Rockies lead 5-1 in the 3rd. http://t.co/tuVdd5oSOZ

  17. Back to back doubles in the 5th by @TheRealMattKemp and @JUST_JUP puts the #Padres lead at 7-1!

  18. The #Padres have 10 runs on the board after @JUST_JUP's two-run single! 10-1 in the 6th. #Padres have scored in every inning today!

  19. Something tells me Justin Upton won't be re-signing to play 81 games at Petco Park.

  20. The Giants score a run in the 8th to take a 3-2 lead. @JUST_JUP, @brettwallace29 and @JGyorko05 due up for the #Padres.

  21. Crawford's home run gives the Giants an early lead in the 2nd. @JUST_JUP, @JGyorko05 and @d_no36 due up for the #Padres, trailing 1-0.

  22. The #Padres come to the plate down 6-0 after Arizona adds four in the 2nd. Justin Upton is first up for the Friars. http://t.co/GHWYlN0FMM

  23. In the 8th, @JUST_JUP pads the #Padres lead with an RBI double to make it 2-0! http://t.co/NrWCvYt96G

  24. The #Padres trail 1-0 after Arizona plates a run in the 4th. @JUST_JUP, @brettwallace29 and @JGyorko05 are due up. http://t.co/E8vbr5j8pH

  25. #Padres got unlucky there. Justin Upton's double bounced into the stands, meaning Kemp had to hold at third.

  26. Padres aren't likely to sign Justin Upton: http://t.co/O8ZoSCq2O2

  27. And Padres LF Justin Upton is down in foul territory down the LF line with an injury.

  28. With the help of a trainer, Justin Upton walks off the field after colliding with the wall in left field in the top of the 1st.

  29. Kemp out, Justin Upton injured, Cashner chased as #Padres lose 5-0 to #Brewers in 19th shutout of year. http://t.co/gVKJDm9kvP

  30. ICYMI: Kemp out, Justin Upton injured, Cashner chased as #Padres lose 5-0 to #Brewers in 19th shutout of year. http://t.co/gVKJDm9kvP

  31. Justin Upton (neck strain) passed all the medical tests but obviously is still sore. No timetable. Seems unlikely he plays this weekend.

  32. Manager's Report: #Padres missing 3-4 combo as Justin Upton joins Kemp on the sidelines with neck injury: http://t.co/0ES4Hlbycz

  33. Kemp (finger), Justin Upton (neck), Dickerson (hip flexor) and Myers (wrist) all ailing #Padres OFs. Kemp, Dickerson officially done for '15

  34. Justin Upton says what we're all thinking. http://t.co/D69v4JPww2 http://t.co/JTkJt93kIs

  35. That blown save by Familia was his first since July 30 -- yes, #Padres fans, the Justin Upton HR in the rain. It's been that long

  36. #Mets Familia last failed save conversion, July 30 against #Padres when Justin Upton his a three-run homer in the ninth.