Terry Francona: Why He Is a Perfect Fit to Manage the Atlanta Braves

Jonah P DAnalyst IOctober 1, 2011

BOSTON, MA - SEPTEMBER 04:  Manager Terry Francona #47 of the Boston Red Sox heads back into the dugout in the sixth inning against the Texas Rangers on September 4, 2011 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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After the shocking collapse of both the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves, people are looking for someone to blame.

For the Red Sox, that someone is Terry Francona.

Although Francona made a few mistakes while managing his team this season and could partially be at fault for their losses, he still remains one of the best managers in baseball.

Along with the Red Sox, the Braves were also shocked to miss the postseason.

The Braves, however, have not yet fired anyone. Quite on the contrary, Fredi Gonzalez invited the entire coaching staff to return in 2012.

As the Braves' manager, Fredi Gonzalez did not live up to the expectations set by Braves' fans as the successor of Bobby Cox. For this reason, along with others, Terry Francona would be a perfect fit as the manager of the Atlanta Braves.


What Francona Has Achieved

Since Terry Francona was signed as the Red Sox manager prior to the 2004 season, his team has been one of the best in baseball.

In his first year in Boston, he brought his team its first World Series victory since 1918. In his eight years managing the Red Sox, they achieved six 90-plus win seasons and two World Series victories. Not once did his team finish with a record below .500.

Overall, while managing the Red Sox, Francona's team had a record of 744-552, a .574 winning percentage.

Because of his many achievements, Francona is clearly a great manager. He will likely be in demand by multiple teams in search of an effective manager.


What Gonzalez Has Achieved

In his four years managing the Florida Marlins, Fredi Gonzalez never achieved a record above 90 wins, and he never took his team to the postseason.

This year, as the Braves' manager, Gonzalez was unable to avoid the collapse of his team.

He is blamed in part by many Braves' fans.

Gonzalez did make a few decisions that were criticized during the season, such as batting orders and pitching decisions. Also, he wasn't nearly as motivating to the team as Bobby Cox was.

A replacement for Gonzalez is not completely necessary; however, an upgrade such as Francona could greatly improve the Braves.


Why Francona Was Fired

Terry Francona was fired by the Red Sox as a scapegoat for his team's collapse.

In many people's opinions, Francona was not at all to blame and should not have been fired.

According to USA Today, Francona was frustrated by his "inability to effectively reach the players."

While this possibly contributed to the downfall of the Red Sox this season, it could be very beneficial to the Braves. The Red Sox players may have been difficult to reach because they are experienced players who have proved themselves as All-Stars and, perhaps, have a big head from it.

The Braves players are mainly young and are potentially great. Francona should not have difficulty effectively reaching the Braves' players.


Why Francona Would Be a Perfect Fit

The Braves lack an experienced manager who can develop their young talent to be at their best.

The Marlins, after firing Gonzalez, acquired Ozzie Guillen as their manager. Perhaps the Braves should fire Gonzalez and go after Terry Francona. As an experienced manager, with five postseason appearances and two World Series victories, he would be the best possible option as the Braves' manager.

Having Terry Francona as the Braves' manager could be a great improvement to the team and could lead the Braves to recover to make a playoff run next season.


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