Spurs Round Table No.1- Where to Next For Harry's Men?

Spurs-RoundTable .Correspondent INovember 29, 2008

Welcome to the first installment of the Spurs RoundTable. This is the first piece of a series of four complimenting articles by Willie Gannon, Christopher Potter, David Jacobs and Eric Gomez.


First up is Christopher Potter's article on the expectations that Harry can expect in his new home.



"It is a club that has massively underachieved this year—to be sitting there with two points and, let's be honest, in a real desperate situation, a relegation battle".


It really was too good to be true—Harry’s cup of tea, time to roll up his sleeves and start from scratch…this time at a "big, big, club".


When Harry Redknapp came to chairman Daniel Levy’s beck and call the evening before Tottenham’s decisive Premier League home match against Bolton, Tottenham had TWO points from EIGHT games.


This after recruiting heavily in the summer. This after enjoying an impressive unbeaten pre-season. This with a squad brimming with talent and a manager with pedigree.


Nine games and seven victories later, it is easy to forget that for Redknapp and his players, the hard work has just started.


Things are looking promising already. He has three in-form strikers, has established a good working relationship between players and staff and has enjoyed more luck than his predecessor.


So, where to next for Redknapp?


His ability to nurture young talent, pluck quality players for cut-price fees out of obscurity and turn poor sides into cohesive and skillful teams is the stuff of legend.


He did it at West Ham, he did it at Southampton, and he did it at Portsmouth.


Tottenham, however, is a different beast.


Expectations are higher—and rightfully so—at a club with such financial clout and a history of relative success.


If Redknapp does take Tottenham to safety this season, what is the goal for next season? Top six? The Champions League?


The resources are there for Redknapp but will he know how best to use them? He has never been afforded the opportunity to spend £10 million on a player. He has never been expected to create a team that can mix it with the very best of them.


Do you believe Redknapp has the necessary tactical awareness, the philosophies, the inspiration to take Tottenham onto the next level? Or is he a stop-gap? A quick fix?


How much longer will his "f*%$ing run around", arm-around-the-shoulder style hold up against the more acute approaches of the Wengers, Mourinhos, and Scolaris?  

With all of his experience and the wisdom of Bill Nicholson and Ron Greenwood—two of the men he calls his mentors—to call upon, Harry may be set to end his career on a real high.