Do NASCAR Sprint Cup Garages Allow for Cheating and Spying?

Amira ClineContributor ISeptember 30, 2011

Fans take their pictures at Chicagoland Speedway.
Fans take their pictures at Chicagoland Speedway.Scott Olson/Getty Images

The NASCAR Sprint Cup garage is always swarming with fans and crews during practices and qualifying. This is how NASCAR pulls the fans into the sport, but could this policy actually lead to spying and cheating?

It has been said that fans are allowed in the garages for pictures and autographs. While drivers and crews do not mind the fans, they have expressed opinions that some of the fans may not be fans at all.

It is possible that crews are paying people to take pictures of the competition.

Is that what NASCAR has come to? Is it necessary to cheat to gain some sort of edge?

NASCAR has always had an open policy, but some of the crew chiefs believe that it is time to change this policy. Greg Zipadelli even told Yahoo! that they once found a camera pointed in their garage stall to see what changes they were making.

While NASCAR is notorious for its close finishes and multiple different winners, there are problems with running such similar cars.

The first problem is the fact that passing is becoming nonexistant. The cars are just too similar. That would be why most of the positions a driver makes up are earned on pit road.

We all know that NASCAR is not one for single-team innovation. If any innovation is made in NASCAR, it is because the head honchos in Charlotte said to do it, and the teams know that certain things will happen when they win a race.

When a driver wins a race, two weeks later his shocks are put out for the other teams to see. They take notes about the shocks, but they cannot touch them.

Another favorite of NASCAR is the engine breakdown. They break down the engine of the winner, and show it to the other crews.

While NASCAR is an exciting sport for the fans, it is becoming less of a draw for the fans. Who wants to watch cars try and pass on a track at 200 mph when they can see them speed out of pit road?

NASCAR could always change the rules, but as we know, rule changes are not what the big bosses do best.