John Gordon's Last Game: A Walk-off Win for the Twins

Collin KottkeCorrespondent IIISeptember 28, 2011

(MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson)
(MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson)

Twins fans all know long-time radio announcer John Gordon; others may know him as Wally Holland. Either way, it was his last game as the Twins' radio announcer and the Twins sent him out with a bang.

John Gordon always had a flare for calling dramatic plays, and he got to end his long career with one on Wednesday night. The Twins fought off a 100-loss season when Trevor Plouffe hit a walk-off single in the ninth inning to win the game for the Twins.

Its been a long season for the Twins, ending with more losses than wins. The win on Wednesday brought the Twins' final record to 63-99, which is obviously a big downfall from the AL Central Division Championship team just one season ago, but the story of the night was John Gordon.

In 1987, John Gordon came to the Minnesota Twins to become Herb Carneal's broadcast partner. Gordon came over just in time to witness the Twins' first World Series victory, and he’s been in the Twins' broadcast booth ever since.

From Game 6 of the 1991 World Series to Game 163 in 2009 to the first Opening Day at Target Field, John Gordon has been the voice of Twins Territory for 25 seasons. John Gordon, or so kindly nicknamed as Gordo, has been a mainstay for the Twins; many players have put on a Twins uniform during Gordon’s tenure, but very few have graced Minnesota airwaves like John Gordon has.

Many players have also heard John Gordon’s signature home-run call “Touch ‘em all!,” but it’s now time to tip our hats and give a standing ovation to Gordo.

Touch ‘em all, John Gordon! Touch ‘em all!