Wandy Rodriguez: 10 Possible Destinations in 2012

Scott BarzillaContributor IIISeptember 28, 2011

Wandy Rodriguez: 10 Possible Destinations in 2012

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    The Astros wanted to deal Wandy Rodriguez at the deadline, but they had few takers. Teams wanted them to chip in some cash to make the deal worth their while. In the offseason, more teams can get involved and teams can shift around money to accommodate bigger contracts.

    Other teams will try to unload their own bad contracts while protecting their young players. The Astros want young players. So, we will look at trade scenarios that favor either team.

Baltimore Orioles

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    Why would they want him?

    You've seen their pitching staff right? The Orioles feel like they have the offense to compete and they have good young pitchers. They just don't have the veteran to hold it all together. Wandy Rodriguez has been consistent and durable since 2008.

    What are the barriers?

    The Orioles are in a rebuilding mode, so trading young players for a veteran pitcher doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. If they can get the Astros to take on a veteran contract they'll do it.

    Orioles initial offer

    The Orioles would love to rid themselves of Brian Roberts. Roberts used to be one of the top five second baseman in baseball, but he has struggled the past two seasons. Robert Andino has proven capable, so such a trade would kill two birds with one stone.

    Astros Initial Offer

    The Astros wouldn't dare ask for Manny Machado, but someone like Ryan Adams might be a good starting point. He is a good third base prospect that will be good insurance. They could also coax Jonathan Schoop from them since they are so high on Machado. Again, the more shortstop prospects you can get the better. Dan Klein is their only arm of note, so you probably won't get pitching from them.

Cincinnati Reds

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    Why would they want him?

    A deep pitching staff became very thin this year and the Reds really didn't have any stand out lefties unless you include Dontrelle Willis. Johnny Cueto is nice, but you need more than that to win a division championship.

    What are the barriers?

    Teams rarely like to make trades within the season.

    Reds Initial Offer

    The Reds are in the process of retooling. Scott Rolen was injured most of this season and getting rid of him could mitigate the cost of Rodriguez. The Astros have a hole at third base, so they may actually listen if the Reds sweeten the package.

    Astros Initial Offer

    The Astros will likely open up with Billy Hamilton. The Reds are talking a long-term deal with Brandon Phillips, so Hamilton might be able to be had. Jose Altuve struggled some, so the Astros could bolster second base in their system just in case. Juan Francisco has already made his debut as a third baseman and showed tremendous power. He could come in and immediately compete with Jimmy Paredes in spring training.

Texas Rangers

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    Why they would want him?

    C.J. Wilson is a free agent and who knows how much he will command. The Rangers could deal for Rodriguez and have a good replacement with cost control. The two pitchers are pretty comparable the past few seasons.

    What are the barriers?

    Money is the number one variable here. The Rangers have been very successful and some of those players will need to be paid. Adding payroll through a trade may not be the highest priority right now.

    Rangers Initial Offer

    This is a great opportunity for the Rangers to unload Michael Young. He is likely to slip next season and trading him will open up some long-term cash. In point of fact, the two salaries would almost match directly. Young would slip right into third base for the Astros.

    Astros Initial Offer

    Tanner Scheppers seems to be the best pitching prospect the Astros could hope to get, but if the Astros took Young off the Rangers hands they could ask for Martin Perez to sweeten the deal. Perez is the Rangers number one pitching prospect. Robbie Ross could be another name to watch.

New York Mets

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    Why they would want him

    The Mets pitching staff was very thin this year and Johan Santana coming back next year will not be much help. Rodriguez would give them one more solid starter. It could be enough for them to compete if everything breaks right.

    What are the barriers

    The Mets are still in salary hell, but they are digging their way out. Trading for Rodriguez could be seen as putting them right back in.

    Mets Initial Offer

    The Mets might see this as an opportunity to unload David Wright. Jason Bay would be a pipe dream, but if there were other players involved in the deal, the Mets could definitely sell this to their fans. The Astros might want to listen to that too.

    Astros Initial Offer

    Although Wright is very tempting, the Astros would rather have younger players. Matt Harvey and one or two of their many young outfielders might do the trick. Although, Wright is an intriguing possibility for Astros fans.

Cleveland Indians

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    Why they would want him?

    Ubaldo Jimenez was a nice picky up, but the Indians are still in need of pitching. Adding Rodriguez to the mix might make them the favorites in the AL Central.

    What are the barriers?

    The Indians already sent out four prospects. If they send out two or three more prospects it could really eat into their minor league depth.

    Indians Initial offer

    The Indians have two veterans they would love to unload. Grady Sizemore and Fausto Carmona have been big disappointments. If they could get the Astros to take one of those two they will protect their farm system and not raise the payroll too much.

    Astros Initial Offer

    Outfielder LeVon Washington seems to be the type of player the Astros would love to get. He is a tremendous athlete and very young. Jason Knapp was acquired in the Cliff Lee deal and would look great pitching in the Astros chain as well.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Why would they want him?

    They've spent the better part of September trying to piece together a rotation. Adding Rodriguez in the offseason would make the Diamonbacks rotation one of the deepest in the National League. Good GMs always try to add when they get close to winning it all.

    What are the barriers?

    Arizona has a lot of good young pitching, so they may not want to block those guys with more veterans. Jarrod Parker in particular looks like the real deal.

    Diamondbacks Initial Offer

    The Diamondbacks have no expensive veterans to offer, so the deal will likely be an exchange of different names from the farm system and various amounts of money covered by the Astros. Look for Arizona to ask the Astros to cover $15 to $20 million of the remaining contract.

    Astros Initial Offer

    Since veterans aren't involved, this deal will come down to money. The Astros want to walk away scot-free from this exchange. They might be willing to take prospects along the lines as the ones they got from the Braves in exchange for paying nothing.

New York Yankees

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    Why would they want him?

    Does anyone really think the Streinbrenners are going to want to go through another season of Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon? Sure, they were solid this season, but that's just asking for trouble.

    What are the barriers?

    The Yankees are fairly short on prospects at the moment, so they want to save them for the right move. Rodriguez is a nice pitcher, but he isn't the kind of sexy move they like to make. Mind you, he might be the best move they could make.

    Yankees Initial Offer

    How would you like A.J. Burnett? Now, Ed Wade can be pretty slow, but that would be way out of bounds. They may try to get the Astros to take someone like Phil Hughes to avoid digging too deep into the farm system. That might not be a terrible deal as long as one or two prospects are also involved.

    Astros Initial Offer

    Manny Banuelos would be a coup for the Astros. I doubt the Yankees would include him though. Catcher Gary Sanchez would be another one that would be a huge deal if he were included in a package.

Toronto Blue Jays

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    Why they would want him?

    The Toronto Blue Jays mantra in 2011 became, "Ricky Romero and pray for a monsoon." Their starting pitching wasn't just thin, it was anorexic. Rodriguez wouldn't fix all of that, but with him and possible improvement for Kyle Drabek, the Blue Jays could be a factor.

    What are the barriers?

    The Blue Jays have been working hard to rid themselves of long-term contracts, so adding more contracts would seem to be against what they have been doing.

    Blue Jays Initial Offer

    Rumor has it that the Blue Jays are considering dealing Adam Lind. You know they would love to rid themselves of Edwin Encarnacion. Don't do it Ed, don't do it.

    Astros Initial offer

    Wouldn't it be hysterical if the Astros dealt for Anthony Gose? He was the athletic outfielder they traded to the Blue Jays for Brett Wallace. Getting him back would add yet another athletic outfielder to their staple. Young pitching and/or catching would also be nice.

Colorado Rockies

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    Why would they want him?

    Well, they already claimed him in August, so we know they are interested. They have a deep pitching staff, but they don't have a particularly good pitching staff. Rodriguez would give them a top of the rotation arm they currently don't have.

    What are the barriers?

    They couldn't work out a deal before, but they had an artificial time limit. Give them the offseason with the winter meetings and all those weeks and they could come up with something.

    Rockies Initial Offer

    The Rockies aren't opposed to taking on the whole salary, but they want some salary relief. Jason Hammels would appear to be the perfect candidate to lead a package going the other way.

    Astros Initial Offer

    The Astros already asked for Wilin Rosario or Drew Pomeranz during their 72 hour negotiating window. The Rockies weren't budging. I'd give Nolan Arenado and Alex White a try. Even take on Hammels if it will help them say yes.

Washington Nationals

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    Why would they want him?

    The Nationals have the makings of a strong three man front. They have John Lannon, Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman. Chien-Ming Wang may even come back to become the pitcher he was in New York. Add Rodriguez to that group and you have something special.

    What are the barriers?

    The Nationals already have a good core of starting pitchers, so they may not feel the need to add more at this time.

    Washington's Initial Offer

    They have shown in the past that they are willing to deal from their bullpen depth, so I would imagine that an Ian Desmond and Tyler Clippard proposal would be a very strong opening for them.

    Houston's Initial Offer

    A combination of Sammy Solis and Derek Norris would do the Astros just fine.