2-Start Pitchers Log for Sept. 10-16

By Jay Clemons (Photo: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

  • Adrianbig_crop_north

    Most Shocking MLB Trades of 2012

    by Ely Sussman

    MLB personnel moves are frequently prefaced by fan speculation, media probing or an executive announcement. Somebody usually spoils the surprise. This article celebrates 10 exceptions to that norm th... Read More »

  • Dod_crop_north

    How Top Trades Impact MLB Playoff Races

    by Christopher Benvie

    As if the competitive landscape in baseball was not already rumbling from the addition of a second wild-card team this season, the trade deadline proved to make things a whole lot more interesting... Read More »

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    Pirates Aim for Playoff Positioning

    by Paul Francis Sullivan

    Today was why the Pittsburgh Pirates traded three minor leaguers to the Houston Astros for Wandy Rodriguez . They did not know the significance of August 29, 2012 at the time of the deal... Read More »

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    Pitchers Who Will Shine with Their New Clubs

    by Oliver Thomas

    With the July 31 MLB trade deadline in the rear-view mirror, it's time to look at the pitchers who will shine brightest for their new teams. Many shopped talents have departed from selling organizat... Read More »

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    Players That Will Be Better Options on New Teams

    by Dan Kukla

    Fallout from the MLB trade deadline isn't limited to real life. Fantasy baseball general managers need to pay attention to the rapidly shifting landscape as well. Some players lost value fantasy v... Read More »