Redskins-Giants: Keys to a Giant Upset

Mike MurdockContributor INovember 28, 2008

                                                Keys To Redskin's Success

  • Stop the run.

The New York football Giants have a ridiculously diverse but undoubtedly stellar ground attack. Their arsenal consists of a power back, Brandon Jacobs, who can also run right by you.

A small, quick, and elusive back who can get to the outside in a hurry named Ahmad Bradshaw. Oh and don't forget about rookie Derrick Ward, who has proved three times this season that he can go for 75+ yards in only 10-15 carries.

Mainly, the Giants run game can beat you a whole bunch of ways and its on Greg Blache to prevent that.

  • Clinton Portis/Mike Sellers

The Redskins would be looking for a miracle of Clinton Portis didn't suit up for Sunday's game. I'm not saying its impossible for them to win with out him, but they would need tons of turn overs or for Ladell Betts to go for 100+ yards. Both of which are unlikely, considering that Ladell's season high this year is 44 and the defense has only 10 turnovers.

Back to the point, Portis needs to play and preferably go for over 100 yards and 2 scores, and Mike Sellers will be key that. Seller's statistics with the ball are not spectacular, but what doesn't show up on his stat sheet is the yards Portis gains because Seller's knocked someone on their backside.

  • Santana Moss

Santana Moss, as any Redskin's fan will tell you, is an explosive wide receiver. For the offense to be productive Santana will need to run lots of quick and deep slants, and may be a screen or two.

Give Moss the chance to make things happen after the catch and i doubt he will let you down. He has an average of 18 yards on first down, so look for him to get the ball on the first play. Third down is also a situation that Moss excels, averaging 11.2 yards and converting 10 times for the team.

Basically, Campbell needs to hit Moss early and often on quick routs and let him do work.

  • Jason Campbell extending plays

The receiving core of the Redskin's consists of pro bowl athletes like Santana Moss and Chris Cooley, and is reinforced by Antwaan Randle El and James Thrash. With those guys down field the skins are not short on play makers. Jason Campbell on the other hand needs to become comfortable in the play maker role as well.

It is imperative that he avoids the inevitable rush (Justin Tuck and Fred Robbins will be coming) and extend plays to allow Moss and Cooley time to get open.


In other words...

Overall, the Redskins need to stop or at least slow down the Giants impeccable ground game, have all their play makers show up, and utilize timely blocking from the big man Mike Sellers. Five yard spurts on the ground from Portis and Betts combined with quick passes to Moss accompanied by yards after the catch will be the key to offensive success in this game.

Hopefully, the Giant's will walk out of FedEx Field singing "Hail to the Redskins," because we all know who needs this one more. Look for yet another exciting NFC battle Sunday. Go 'Skins.