10 Awesome Internships for Idle Sports Stars

Justin SparksCorrespondent IIISeptember 28, 2011

10 Awesome Internships for Idle Sports Stars

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    Athletes eventually must move on to bigger and better things after their careers. Blake Griffin and other are wasting no time during the NBA lockout to find alternate means of work.

    Blake Griffin has been partaking in an unpaid internship for Funny or Die while he waits for the NBA to give the all clear for him to get back to posterizing opponents. Griffin works under boss Will Ferrel and endures the bottom of the barrel internship treatment.

    This got us at Bleacher Report thinking, what other athletes currently sitting at home would fit well into some cool internship programs?

    Here's a list of different athletes that we would like to see get involved in various types of internships, whether it be based on their knowledge, skill, or personality. Some of the internships are on the humorous side and others could actually provide a good fit for the athletes.

John Wall: Dancing with the Stars

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    The NBA has been locked out since the summer, and it doesn't look to be coming to an end any time soon. John Wall has taken to the circuit of pick-up games between fellow NBA players throughout the country, but there's another opportunity the point guard should look into.

    During his first big appearance as a Kentucky Wildcat, Wall came out dancing for his introduction. That very dance took over the state of Kentucky, and eventually the country, and was coined the "John Wall dance."

    For crying out loud, it has its own Facebook account.

    Wall and his handlers should take advantage of the free time provided by the lockout and contact "Dancing With The Stars" for a possible spot on the show. Several athletes have gone on the program to strut their stuff.

    Although it may not be an internship, it certainly would be a savvy business move. The Washington Wizards' electric point guard would become a household name to an audience that may not know who he is.

Brett Favre: Bass Pro Shop

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    Brett Favre may actually be retired for good now. However, the skeptic in me says that it can't be trusted until the entire season passes without a Favre sighting on an NFL sideline.

    While we wait for him to come out of retirement for the umpteenth time, the Mississippi native should apply to his local Bass Pro Shop for an internship. A self proclaimed outdoors man would thrive during his time at the company.

    As any smart employee would do, Favre could take advantage of the perks offered by the internship. Even if he could afford all the top-of-the-line products, an employee discount never hurt anyone.

    The best result of the Bass Pro Shop internship for Favre? He wouldn't be putting on a football helmet anytime soon. That's something we can all benefit from.

    Besides, who wouldn't want to walk into their local outdoors outlet and have Brett Favre help them find a new fishing pole?

Nene Hilario: Colorado Rapids

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    The Denver Nuggets' Nene Hilario has been a professed lover of his home country's favorite sport: soccer.

    The Brazilian native has been playing basketball with other big-name stars like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and others this summer, trying to bide his time productively during the lockout.

    Hilario should, however, take advantage of the soccer networking possibilities associated with the Denver Nuggets. Stan Kroenke is a billionaire who collects sports franchises for fun and owns two soccer teams along with the Nuggets.

    Kroenke own the MLS club, the Colorado Rapids, and recently took over as majority stakeholder in the English Premier League club Arsenal. Hilario would have two different options for an internship that could feed his Brazilian hunger for the sport.

    The Nuggets big man should definitely put in a word for the big guy Kroenke.

Peyton Manning: SNL

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    The NFL season has gone through three weeks, and the Indianapolis Colts announced this past week that Peyton Manning has an "outside chance" of returning. This basically means that unless the Colts come within touching distance of a playoff spot, they're content with holding Manning out for the season.

    In case you didn't know by now, Peyton Manning has a humorous side to him. He is creatively funny and has no qualms about pegging children with footballs to get a good laugh.

    During the weeks the Colts don't play at home, Peyton Manning should be visiting his brother Eli in New York and starring on Saturday Night Live.

    If we cannot watch Manning on Sunday afternoons, then we should be able to watch him on a weekly basis on Saturday nights.

Randy Moss: Blue Moon Brewing Company

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    Randy Moss had a career chalk full of antics. Some were funny, others imbecilic. But, either way, he remained one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for the better part of a decade.

    During the post-lockout free agency frenzy, several thought Moss would get picked up, but that didn't happen. So, the next best option for Randy Moss would be an internship with the Blue Moon Brewing Company.

    It fits the man perfectly. Moss faked a mooning of the Green Bay Packers faithful and admitted to HBO's Real Sports that he uses marijuana every "once in a blue moon," making him a perfect intern candidate.

    Free beer. Enough said.

Kevin Durant: Nike

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    The man already has a shoe contract with the sporting goods giant, but he could have started a trend with a fashion statement he made during last season's NBA playoffs. Kevin Durant sported a backpack during his post-game press conferences throughout the playoffs.

    It caught the attention of the media and gained quality airtime. Durant should urge Nike to give him a product development internship opportunity.

    As one of the NBA's brightest superstars, Durant could market the heck out of his new Nike backpack line. Every star has a signature thing, and this could very well be Durant's.

    Just imagine all the kids who would demand that mommy and daddy buy them a Kevin Durant backpack.

Metta World Peace: TMZ

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    Metta World Peace—the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest—has already beat John Wall to the punch with joining "Dancing With The Stars." However, he recently got eliminated from the competition, and we don't want him just sitting around, not entertaining us.

    This may not be an ideal internship for anyone that's actually in some kind of spotlight, but how awesome would it be to see Metta World Peace working for TMZ? He already resides in Los Angeles and would provide pure enjoyment for viewers.

    The same guy who thanked his therapist after winning an NBA title, Metta World Peace could ask his own questions to the stars of Hollywood.

    I can see it now. Brad Pitt leaving a Hollywood lunch hot spot and Metta World Peace—all 6'7'' of him—running up to him and asking what he had for lunch.

    Please, give this man a camera. I am begging you.

Terrell Owens: Orville Redenbacher

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    Like Randy Moss, several so called "experts" claimed that Terrell Owens would be playing football this season in the NFL despite suffering a knee injury. Well, he's not playing and probably won't be playing at all this season.

    The man already has his own television program (somehow) and keeps himself occupied by doing sit ups in his driveway when he's bored. It's those nostalgic memories that hurt Owens the most thinking about football.

    Owens once told fans and media alike to "bring your popcorn" next time he takes the field. We thought since Owens has yet to get an offer from a team, why not apply for Orville Redenbacher?

    Learn how the process works, make some new friends and possibly get an endorsement deal out of it. Heck, he could end up pitching the company to come out with his own version of popcorn specifically made for watching football.

Tim Tebow: Bleacher Report

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    Here at Bleacher Report, we have our own internship program, and, from time to time, we have guest writers. For example, Jenn Sterger, who went to Florida State and got noticed because of her cowgirl outfit, wrote for us earlier in the year. 

    Tim Tebow—as we all know by now—cannot play in the NFL as a starting quarterback. At the very least, he will not be playing anytime soon. Not only that, but it seems the Denver Broncos are reluctant to use him at any point in a game, including in goal-line situations.

    So, if he's not playing anytime soon and is holding a clipboard, he might as well be productive and write for us. After all, he did manage to write a book this offseason.

    He could provide insight into the inner workings of college football, booster relationships, the feeling of the Broncos locker room and so much more.

    Simply put, Tim Tebow, you need to intern at Bleacher Report, because you certainly aren't doing much in the NFL.

Amare Stoudemire: GQ

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    The New York Knicks' star big man Amare Stoudemire has been known to get his fashion on. Living in New York, the mecca for fashion and style, could present Stoudemire a big opportunity to explore that route.

    An internship with GQ magazine would be something Stoudemire could put on his resume. I'm sure GQ would love to have someone his height helping them hold a spot light or something at their next photo shoot.

    I don't know if this would be a route Stoudemire would want to take after his basketball playing days are over, but it's certainly an option.

    When you're in the "Big Apple" you can take advantage of all the different things going on. He should definitely look into interning for GQ during the day, before he heads to Rucker Park at night.