1. With No. 1 taken, Amare Stoudemire will wear No. 5 for Heat. Was going to buy it from Henry Walker before Walker was waived.

  2. Amar'e Focused on Being Healthy for Playoffs

  3. Skolnick: Aging Vets Play Major Roles in Win

  4. McRoberts, Stoudemire Could Be Rested on Back-to-Backs

  5. NBA 2015-16 Season Preview: Miami Heat

  6. It's official! @Amareisreal will wear No. 5 for your @MiamiHEAT! http://t.co/2uGWVP9mWm

  7. Around the arc this afternoon with @Amareisreal! http://t.co/ItWOT8vTNA

  8. Gerald Green, @youngwhiteside, @amareisreal and @j_rich1 were hard at work yesterday. Take a look inside... https://t.co/SXnUmDBoKb

  9. What was the deciding factor in @Amareisreal's decision to join #HEATNation? http://t.co/x73yZ2I0kz

  10. STAT wanted to share his #HEATMediaDay shine with @youngwhiteside : @Amareisreal http://t.co/7vdz1RpkRX

  11. Team BBQ with @amareisreal & Gerald Green on the grill! #HEATrainingCamp http://t.co/R5ftiG8Ku7

  12. One thing I expect: Spoelstra to leave Dragic in when Wade & Bosh come out, to play more w/ Green/Amare. Chalmers in w/ Wade/Bosh back.

  13. Welcome to Miami, @Amareisreal! http://t.co/B3j3HJLbco

  14. What advice did @Amareisreal have for @J_Rich1 last night after his first NBA game? http://t.co/gy5pKb8jjS https://t.co/9eqQSP9Fp9

  15. Spoelstra says Amare Stoudemire & Josh McRoberts have general knee soreness and won't play tomorrow either

  16. Spoelstra says Josh McRoberts and Amare Stoudemire, both with general minor knee soreness, will sit out Tuesday against Orlando.

  17. Everybody but @Amareisreal (rehabilitative recovery) participated in today's practice

  18. Amare Stoudemire becomes the 220th player to appear for the Miami Heat.

  19. Cavaliers lead Heat, 76-67, after 3. LeBron & Love w/ 22. Wade w/ 19. The all-subs Miami lineup is a sieve (especially Amare)

  20. Erik Spoelstra says he's talked to his players & told them he won't suit up all the centers every night. No word on Andersen vs. Amare yet

  21. Amare Stoudemire again active rather than Chris Andersen. Josh Richardson the other inactive.

  22. With Amare Stoudemire on spiritual journey & Hassan Whiteside hanging at bar mitzvahs, I'm bringing this tonight... https://t.co/kWD7RTihBL

  23. Judd Apatow makes Amar’e Stoudemire (@Amareisreal) cry in this ‘Trainwreck’ featurette https://t.co/SOqRBOR4ZX https://t.co/TGdYp4YmtU

  24. Spoelstra goes just 9 deep, no fourth big (Amare, Haslem) against Rockets' small lineups. Miami's D rotations are a mess.

  25. Hassan Whiteside says he's been looking up to Amare Stoudemire since high school

  26. Happy birthday @Amareisreal! https://t.co/whEv5MuAYQ

  27. Happy Birthday @Amareisreal!!! Hope you're having an awesome day - Enjoy! #Amar'eStoudemire https://t.co/FM90c1Nrpe

  28. Dwyane Wade: "Amare brought Amare to the game. That was huge."

  29. Hassan Whiteside (sick) missed practice. Luol Deng held out of most work. Amare Stoudemire worked on the side.

  30. Conditioning day with the team! @J_Rich1 @DwyaneWade @RealTJohnson @biggame_32 @LuolDeng9 @Amareisreal @chrisbosh http://t.co/cOOtqEhPQJ

  31. Thanks for The Welcome To Miami Dinner @jasonbinn @chrisbosh @amareisreal @shareefmalnik… https://t.co/GZwWI9ZURt

  32. Man shoutout to g.green14 aka (chef boy are G ) and @amareisreal aka (STAT) on the grill live life!!!! https://t.co/qu6YQxBkGS