WWE: Top 5 Stars Who Need to Be Released and Who Should Replace Them

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2011

WWE: Top 5 Stars Who Need to Be Released and Who Should Replace Them

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    The WWE has a talented roster. It really does.

    From CM Punk and John Cena to Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler, there are a ton of talented guys on every level of the roster.

    Yet even now, there are so many stars who are not used and could easily be taken off the payroll.

    At the same time, there are some great talents that still have yet to debut in the WWE.

    With a roster as large as the WWE's, in order to add talent, you need to get rid of some.

    So the following are top five men who need to be released from WWE and the top five stars who deserve to be put on WWE's main roster.


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    The man who still holds on.

    When possible stars such as Chris Masters and DH Smith were released, many were sure that JTG's name would shortly follow.

    That was not the case.

    Instead, JTG has held on by turning heel and playing a heel on WWE NXT. At this point, though, he simply does not have the character, skill or build to be a star.

    To open up a roster spot, he should be released.

    In his place, we would find a new star in...

Luke Robinson

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    The man who got robbed.

    The most talented and charismatic star of Tough Enough, Robinson had everything he needed to succeed.

    When Andy Leavine pulled off his underdog upset, it was kind of nice at first. Leavine was a great guy who just wanted to support his family, while Robinson was a party boy who was extremely full of himself.

    Now, looking back, WWE should be kicking themselves for allowing this decision.

    For those who don't know, the good guy Leavine was suspended for drug use. Now, WWE has no star to parade around from what was once a promising year of Tough Enough.

    Bringing back Robinson would give the WWE a talented and charismatic heel who could easily be put on the main roster and garner serious heat. It would make up for their failures to get Leavine over and give us a new heel to love to hate.


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    He is talented and has done nothing wrong as of late; but let's face the facts: Primo is never going to be featured on WWE programming again.

    They just keep stalling and having him play the role of enhancement talent at best. Since his match against Sin Cara months ago, I don't remember a single appearance from him.

    It is time to let go, and bring up someone who will be given real screen time.

    That man is...

Richie Steamboat

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    The son of one of the greatest performers to ever work in professional wrestling, Richie Steamboat is a great star in the making. He is exciting and talented. He could create amazing matches with guys like Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

    The sky is the limit for this star.

    All the WWE needs to do is put him on their roster and let him shine.


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    Yes, after all these years, Hornswoggle is still employed by the WWE.

    What his purpose is anymore is anyone's guess.

    Seriously, just release him before he becomes the last U.S. Champion, too.

    Anyone could replace him, but there is a great choice for an immediate star who could use that roster spot.

    He is...

Bo Rotundo

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    This man has the WWE's confidence.

    He is a former two-time FCW Heavyweight Champion, which makes him the only man to hold the title twice. This title has created huge stars and been the catalyst for future success in WWE. Of the first 10 winners of the title, only one, Eric Escobar, is not a star in the company now.

    Bo Rotundo is a third-generation superstar and the brother of Husky Harris.

    With his size, look and in-ring ability, Bo Rotundo will soon be on the main roster.

    Just wait and see.

Johnny Curtis

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    Maybe it is too early to tell, but right now, Johnny Curtis looks like one of WWE's weakest links.

    He had one of the worst build-ups in WWE, after winning the incredibly forgettable NXT Season 4.

    His vignettes were horrible and then he had one singles match. Since his two-second participation in a Smackdown battle royal, Curtis has had nothing.

    His character is weak, and his skills are mundane. He simply seems pointless today.

    The man who replaces him would not let himself sit around, not again.

    This man's name is...

Colt Cabana

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    Cabana is a star in the making.

    His original run in the WWE was one of the biggest wastes of talent in the company's history. Cabana is great in the ring and on the mic.

    No one should be questioning his ability or jobbing him out.

    If he comes back, expect him to get a much larger push and following thanks to his friendship with CM Punk.

    This is a guy who could actually give us quality vignettes and comedy. Sign him now!

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Jackson has tried to work for so many years here in WWE. For three years, he has tried to use his size and strength to get over. Whether it was as a body guard, a strong man or a friendly beast, Jackson just couldn't get around his biggest flaw.

    He simply did not have the personality, mic skills or in-ring ability to succeed.

    Jackson has done the best he can with what he has, but the truth is that he is only in WWE because he is big and muscular.

    He is Vince McMahon's kind of wrestler, and everyone knows it.

    It is time to find change, and that change's name is...

Seth Rollins

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    He has everything you could hope for in a WWE star.

    Many have compared him to CM Punk. Everyone who has seen him wrestle knows he is great. This is the kind of star who could take over the WWE in a few weeks.

    Rollins has the charisma, the mic skills and the unbelievable ring ability to become a superstar.

    Give him a chance in the WWE, and we will all see the next breakout star emerge.

The Future Is Coming!

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    These are just a few changes that should happen in WWE.

    Other men that should find their way up onto the WWE roster include Byron Saxton, Husky Harris (again), Xavier Woods, and Dean Ambrose.

    Hopefully many of these stars will be given a chance to shine in WWE that most of the men that I have listed to be released never had or capitalized on.

    Thanks for reading! Comment if you have any questions, concerns or compliments!