Washington Redskins Shouldn't Fear, Michael Vick Is Here (Hopefully)!

Travis EvansCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

I hate beating up on my own team week after week, but I can't help it.

Campbell, I'm not a fan at all, never was; I won't hate anymore (until you lose a game for us again). We may not be in the "Hunt for Vick," but we should consider him, I think.

He would make this offense click if he, as Adam Schefter said, "plays at 75 percent, there will be teams interested." He can out-run basically any one person on the field. Vick was one of my favorite players maybe this is why I'm jumping on the bandwagon; or maybe Danny should actually fork out money to a good player.

He did very well in Atlanta with that team who didn't have a RB or a WR. So, Redskins, do us a favor and take all the possible scenarios in and make a good decision. Oh, and he can avoid the ever growing blitz.

Also, this better be a good draft, or I don't even want to think what will happen. As you have seen are defense isn't as deep as we thought. Malcolm may come along but right now the rookies have no impact at all whatsoever.

I haven't seen Sellers run any 2nd-and-short or 3rd-and-short runs. Isn't that what they are used for short runs and lead blocking. I didn't see the Seattle game, but it didn't seem promising.

As a lot of Redskins fans said, Dallas beat San Fran, but yes, who did we beat? A team just as bad, but by not nearly as much. Matter of fact, who have we beat by a lot? I can't remember.

The 15 and 20-yard passes that we had in the beginning have disappeared. They are short, short, and what's that, short again. We are lousy at best and I'm not impressed at all. Portis, you are impressive but you seem to play well and then when a big defense comes around (a.k.a Steelers) you disappear.

I watched the game on NFL.com and I saw some really really lousy backs running all over us. Do I want to even watch the Giants game probably not. Jacobs is going to bulldoze for TDs and first downs.

Without Fletcher and maybe Montgomery, we are in big trouble. Our secondary with all starters and former starters should handle Eli and the pass. Horton, what happened to the interceptions you had. You haven't had a big impact in pass defense, but you have been dominating against the run.

My final thoughts will come out after the game, but I hope this shows the problems and how we could fix them.