NFL Week 13 Picks: Can Donovan McNabb Bounce Back?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 26, 2008

With the addition of Thursday night football every week now, the Thanksgiving football tradition might just seem business as usual to some.  But gasp, we have three games on Thursday this week, and only one of them is on NFL Network! 

Which means that for once, a good number of people will actually SEE football on Thursday this week...

Thanksgiving Games

Tennessee over Detroit

Okay, it won't have the same stigma to it as it would have had it been the 11-0 undefeated Titans taking on the 0-11 winless Lions, but it could still be entertaining. 

The Lions lost in a new way last Sunday by deceiving their fans into thinking they might win a game.  But almost as if someone waking up from a good dream, the real world came crashing down. 

So for those of you who hold back on seconds on turkey because they don't want to miss any of the action should feel free to go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, or even just stay in the kitchen.

Dallas over Seattle

For the third year in a row, the Cowboys play a lame duck team the NFL scheduled them against because they actually finished well the season before.  (To save you the time of looking through the schedules the last three years, they were the Buccaneers and Jets). 

Dallas blew both teams out, and the trend should continue as the Mike Holmgren farewell tour mercifully nears its end.  Which begs the question…does the NFL have a deal with food manufacturers to put on cruddy games so people will keep eating and not watch football?

Philadelphia over Arizona

Looks like Donovan McNabb's biggest worry isn't figuring out the rules of overtime anymore. 

Last week in a totally spiteful slap in the face, he was benched for a quarterback who played worse than if David Akers was put in under center.  Donovan is back this week, and luckily he plays against the Cardinals who, although able to clinch a division, never play well on the east. 

Add to the fact that it's a night game and will be a bit chilly, look for Philly to that's right, not lose...not tie...but win!

Don't Miss Games

Green Bay over Carolina

Battle of two teams who got thoroughly whipped on the road last week. 

Carolina is the better team, but the Pack is playing at home.  And although Aaron Rodgers played poorly on Monday night, Jake Delhomme has played poorly the last couple of weeks, but was playing some poor teams.

Tampa Bay over New Orleans

The Saints are finally on their first winning streak of the season.  This is their big test. 

Although over .500, the Saints are in last place, and two games behind the first place Bucs.  If they were to win, not only would they maybe move up, but they would hold the tiebreaker due to a season sweep.  However, that Bucs defense is tough.  Even tougher than Drew Brees' offense. 

This is the biggest test for the Saints.  Unfortunately, they have failed many times already this season.  If they want to have a chance, they must find a defense.  Then again, that's been the case for the last couple of years.

Atlanta over San Diego

Michael Turner's homecoming.  I doubt he could have imagined it would be with his Falcons at 7-4 and his former team at 4-7 and on the brink of elimination.  I feel the Chargers have thrown in the towel and just want the season to end. 

Suddenly that firing of Marty Schottenheimer doesn't seem like such a good move, does it?

Minnesota over Chicago

Battle for first place in the NFC North.  The Bears won the previous game in a surprising shootout at home.  But that was in Chicago.  The Vikings have been playing tough at home and seem to have found a rhythm on offense.  The rhythm is give the ball to Adrian Peterson and throw only when necessary. 

If they follow that formula, they should win.

New England over Pittsburgh

There's a new sheriff in town in New England.  Matt Cassel has thrown back to back 400 yard games and is pretty good on the ground too. 

The Steelers pretty much have the AFC North wrapped up while the Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory a game behind in the AFC East.  That motivating factor will give the Patriots the win.

Local Action

Giants over Washington

Rematch of probably what was the Redskins and quarterback Jason Campbell's worst game of the season.  But then again, the only quarterback who plays well against the Giants is Derek Anderson (how freaky is that). 

The Giants 10-1 start matches exactly their best of 1990.  The Redskins are better than they were in week one, but the Giants are still better.

Jets over Denver

Let's see—the Jets come off big wins against the conference champions and then the only undefeated team in the league.  The Broncos, on the other hand, lost to the Raiders at home last week. 

Let me repeat.  They lost to the RAIDERS at home last week. 

The only way Denver will have a chance is if Brett Favre stuffs himself too much on Thursday.  Then again, he probably goes to bed before sundown every night, so he should have time to sleep it off.

If There's Nothing Else on TV

Buffalo over San Francisco

The Bills finally have gotten some good news after playing a month of horrible football...they not only get to play the Chiefs, but they now get to play the 49ers. 

It may be too late for Buffalo to make a late season run.  But it's been about five years too late for the Niners.

Indianapolis over Cleveland

Kind of depends on the condition of Brady Quinn.  The Colts are getting hot right now, but this is still an outdoor road game at Cleveland, where even the Giants lost.  But again, it depends on Quinn. 

Last week the Browns lost to the Texans with Sage Rosenfals at quarterback.  Imagine what Peyton Manning will do.

Houston over Jacksonville

Wow, who put this game on Monday Night Football? 

Jack Del Rio pretty much bitch slapped his team last week and the Jags look completely lost and confused on the field.  When a center hikes the ball thinking the quarterback is right behind you and not in the shotgun formation is a new folly.  I give them credit for that. 

For the Texans, Sage Rosenfels IS their quarterback, not Matt Schaub.  He'll prove it in the last few weeks of this season.

Miami over St. Louis

I'm still not sold on Miami as a playoff team, but the Rams are…well, the Rams.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins overlooked them, but I would be surprised if they lost to them.

Toilet Bowl Games

Baltimore over Cincinnati

The highlight of the Bengals' season could be the tie with Philly.  That's it.  That's the only sentence I can come up with about this game or probably any more featuring Cincinnati.

Kansas City over Oakland

I just can't see the Raiders sweeping any team.  Even if it is the Kansas City Chiefs, who have lost even more games than they have.


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