Dallas Cowboys: Sick and Tired of Hearing It!

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008

The Dallas Cowboys have already made it to the playoffs and fully recovered from whatever it was that ailed them for five or six weeks. At least that's what all the media coverage would have us believe.

So T.O. had his best game in forever—against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

Impressive huh? Well, maybe not so much.

This sickening level of coverage has gone so far as to effect the idea of reporting the truth. During FOX Sports' afternoon games this past Sunday, they wrongly showed the Cowboys as owning one of the wild-card spots in the playoffs if the season ended this week.

The 'Boys would, in fact, be OUT of the playoffs if they started this weekend with Tampa Bay and Washington owning the two wild-card spots.

So why would FOX Sports do such a thing? Knowingly show incorrect information during a national broadcast?



They know the Cowboys are media darlings so they do as much as possible to add to the hype.

The funny thing to me is the fact that the 'Boys haven't lived up to any of the hype for years. They haven't won a playoff game since the 1996 season. That's over 10 years for those who can't add or subtract.

One of the truly humorous things is how many Cowboys fans seem to think they somehow DESERVE such treatment. I have tried to understand it, but alas, I cannot. I am sure there will be many reading this who simply think "the writer is just a Cowboys'  hater".

And you would be right about that.

But I have given up trying to be fair about it. As a Redskins' fan it's in my blood to hate the Cowboys, but what's everybody else's excuse?

Yes, the Cowboys are either loved or hated, as there seems to be no in between. And the media knows that's a good thing. Cowboys fans add to this with so many overly egotistical attitudes. Bring up things like their lack of playoff wins or late season collapses and they just get mad.

I have heard it all about the Redskins (at least most of it, I expect I'll be treated to a few new ones after this), and have never had any problem with hearing it. It is what it is.

If the Skins are better than what people say, they'll win. It's not up to me, or about me. Mr. Snyder has never once called me for my input on what direction the team should take. Something my wife keeps reminding me I need to do something about - considering I keep telling her what I would do with "my team".

But this week it finally ticked me off. Actually, it wasn't the Cowboys or their fans that got me. It was FOX Sports and their inability to accurately report . As simple as it should have been, they couldn't even do that!

And it wasn't necessary. There is plenty of intrigue over the simple idea that, as of now, the 'Boys are one game out of the playoffs, but could well earn their way in. The Bucs and Skins have some tough games ahead, so all the 'Boys need to do is win and they'll likely get one of the two spots. Isn't that dramatic enough?

Not to mention the many story lines available from this NFL season. Why not reach out to more team's fans rather than only isolating a few? The Giants are rolling. The Titans lost their first game of the season. The Patriots seem to be surviving the loss of Tom Brady pretty well. Rookie head coaches all over the place kicking ass.

There's plenty to talk about, but they find themselves lying to fans. Pitiful really.

Their need to hype the Cowboys led them to misrepresent the truth in such a way as to leave ZERO doubt to their slanted journalism. And that really bothered me.

So there's my little rant, I can move on now.

Can you?