Philadelphia Eagles Fans: Back Up the Blame Bus

C KSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2008


Let's not get carried away here folks.

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are a joke. Correction, they are the punch line of the century. But that doesn't mean that all the blame needs to go onto Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb's shoulders.

Has Andy Reid's style of offense passed its time? Absolutely. Has Andy Reid lost some of his play-calling ability? Absolutely.

Has Donovan McNabb lost some of the skills that made him an elite quarterback? Sure. Is McNabb super annoying? You bet ya.

But that does not, by any means, give us fans the right to put everything on their shoulders.

For example, when the Eagles tied the Bengals, what was the ONLY story you heard from that game? Donovan McNabb not knowing the tie rule.

If you look back on the game, the entire offense played an atrocious game. McNabb didn't play a decent game at all, but his receivers didn't help him either. They didn't get open and they were dropping passes. Add to that the current run game, and we have a problem.

Another example: When the Eagles lost to the Ravens, more emphasis was put on McNabb's performance than the performance of Kolb.

Now I know Kolb was coming into a bad situation, but he did not do better than McNabb at all. In fact, I would have to say he did worse. I think the team lost because of Kolb. At least the team was in it when McNabb was in.

Kolb threw two crucial interceptions, one of which came close to the goal line that was entirely his fault.

Let's now go back to the game against Chicago.

I was mad at Reid for not calling a quarterback sneak on the goal line. But I was mad because I had the right to be.

Now people are just grasping for complaints to hang their arguments on.

Do not get me wrong. Reid and McNabb will never again succeed on this team. They need to go. But let's not blame them for the wrong things.

If you want to blame Donovan, do not blame him for the loss on Sunday and the abysmal offense. Blame him for his poor attitude and some of his poor passing stats recently. That's it. He cannot control whether his receivers can actually hold on to the ball or if the offensive line can get some push and block for Westbrook.

If you want to blame Reid, don't blame him for the poor run game and the poor run-blocking of the offensive line. Also, don't blame him for Donovan's recent woes. That's McNabb's problem. Not Reid's.

Blame his poor play-calling, motivation, and game-planning. That's it. He's not all that responsible for the actual play of the team.

I've seen a few of my friends and a few writers here blaming Reid for some of those things that he either has no control over or should not be blamed for.

Their main arguments have been over the lack of a power back and the fact that he failed to get a big number one receiver.

First of all, I do agree that both of these are needed, but let's not forget a few things.

The team did offer Randy Moss more than the Patriots did. The team did go after Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin time and time again. The team did draft DeSean Jackson—don’t tell me that wasn't a real wide-receiver pick at the time. Look at the kid! He's a receiver, isn't he?

It just so happens that it didn't happen with those guys (Fitz, Boldin, Moss).

So now people have forgotten about those things and want to blame Reid for not getting a receiver.

Then they blame him for not getting a power running back, but people forget one big thing: Brian Westbrook.

I'm not saying Westbrook is that power back (you kidding me?). What I'm saying is when you have a star like him, getting another back is not a priority. You want to fill other positions, which they did.

But the biggest thing I do not like when people blame those positions on Reid is the fact that he is just the coach. Yes, he is a very powerful coach, but if he does not see eye-to-eye with the GM and owner, I guarantee you he does not get his way.

He isn't in control of the money. The rest of the front office is. He may designate who he wants and contacts who he wants, but it really happens with the GM's and the owner's.

He does have almost full draft responsibilities, but a lot of his decisions even go into his scouts. That's the same with his power in the organization. His opinions may mean the most, but majority will rule. That goes in any team, except for the Oakland Davis'.

So when you watch the Eagles lose in agonizing fashion again on Thursday, don't automatically blame it on the easy targets like McNabb and Reid.

Look deeper. Don't forget that the entire team is responsible for not signing the right players, not putting the right players out there, and not getting certain players to play hard.

It's not just the coach’s job to do these things. Every player, every employee, every coach has a responsibility to these jobs. On a team like this, everybody is responsible in some way.

So when you are pondering this upcoming loss, think before you speak. Relax, and give some thought to who it is to blame.

Because, I bet you will come up with quite a few people who have just as much responsibility for this team as McNabb and Reid.

I guarantee it.