WWE: CM Punk vs. Steve Austin; 2 Totally Different Birds

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WWE: CM Punk vs. Steve Austin; 2 Totally Different Birds
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That's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!

I have seen quite a few times that the IWC believes CM Punk is our new "anti-hero." Time and time again I see Punk compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin and, frankly, I believe the comparisons just don't fit.

It's no secret here on B/R that I am not on board the CM Punk bandwagon. Is Punk entertaining to watch? Sure. Does he consistently put on great matches? Absolutely. Is the microphone a pipe bomb in his hands? You bet. Is he the same caliber as Steve Austin? No way.

First, fans in the WWE Universe don't relate to both men in the same manner. Austin was the common man's champion. How many times do we want to beat up our boss and give him the finger? How often do you knock back a cold one after work? Austin related to the average WWE fan with his blatant disrespect of Vince McMahon's established status quo.

CM Punk, however, relates to a very small section of the WWE Universe. His "voice of the voiceless" mentality that he displays now relates to us among the IWC. It's been stated a couple of times here on Bleacher Report that the casual fan may have no idea what Punk is talking about. 

Speaking of speech, both men have a very different mic style. Both men definitely have the presence to command people to listen when they speak, but they have a very different way of speaking.

Austin has a very in-your-face and aggressive way of speaking. He is loud and gets his point across very quickly.

Punk speaks in a more matter-of-fact tone. He speaks as though he is better than you and you should have recognized that before speaking to begin with.

Two totally different mic styles. Both great.

Lastly, the overall personas of both men are like apples and oranges.

Austin was simply there to kick ass and take names. He was a rebel among rebels when the Austin era began to pick up steam after his match with Bret Hart at WrestleMania XIII. He never claimed that he was the best in the world (toughest, but not the best), nor did he claim that he was trying to stick it to the establishment and break the monotony that was professional wrestling at the time.

He just simply did it. 

To give credit where credit is due, ever since Punk negotiated his new contract, he has definitely come into his own and has no doubt proven that he belongs up top with the current big boys like Cena and Orton.

He is very good at using the straight-edge lifestyle that he practices in real life to either garner admiration or ire from fans. This is the complete antithesis to the beer-swilling, bird-flipping, foul-mouthed S.O.B. that is Steve Austin.

I really don't want to take anything away from CM Punk's abilities. He is a phenomenal talent and someone of his caliber is really needed in the WWE right now with the main event talent being so thin.

I saw in another Bleacher Report article that one person compared him to Chris Jericho, which I believe is a much better comparison. Will CM Punk join those two men as a WWE legend or will the fans move on to the next big thing or next Internet darling to come along?

Time will tell my friends.

Until next time, I'm Merlot Williams, and that's my opinion.


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