WWE: Playing Devil's Advocate with Our New "WWE Champion"

Merlot WilliamsCorrespondent IIJuly 23, 2011

Credit to Joe M - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/771784-wwe-monday-night-raw-live-blog-coverage-and-analysis
Credit to Joe M - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/771784-wwe-monday-night-raw-live-blog-coverage-and-analysis

He is absolutely everywhere right now. Our absentee WWE Champion is the hot name on everyone's lips right now, and rightfully so. After the epic "shoot," he dethroned "Super Cena" at Money in the Bank and took off with the WWE Championship just like he said he would. One can't help but wonder after this massive development...

Is CM Punk a prima donna?

I'll give credit where it's due, CM Punk was given at least a bit of creative leeway to make statements that I believe were somewhat based in truth and is a large reason that WWE seems to be building back up into the power that it once was. 

It's obvious from Punk "running off" with the WWE Championship that he has re-signed with the company. There is no way Vince would let someone run off with his crown jewel. However, with all the speculation that lead up to MITB and all the buzz around what CM Punk wanted to stick around, it makes me wonder how many of his demands were met to keep him around?

B/R's own C-Cool broke the story on the site that Punk turned down a movie roll offered to get him to stay, and in that shoot promo, he mentioned not being on the collector cups, not being on the program cover and his lack of promotion, etc.

I'm probably going to catch a lot of heat for this, but the more I hear about CM Punk the less I like him.

I'm not going to deny that Punk is an immense talent. I'm not going to argue that he'll be a Hall of Famer someday, but his general attitude from what I've read in the dirt sheets and all these demands that he is making I find a little ridiculous.

The ball is in his court with the WWE being short on major established names right now and he knows that and used it to his advantage much like a lot of our big names stars that we love have/had before him (myself included).

Guys like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Hulk Hogan have all been bashed for backstage politicking, yet CM Punk is our hero now because of it?

Also, don't forget in that shoot he blamed the fans cheering him (IWC members included) that we were just as big a reason he was leaving as any. 

Punk seems to be carrying around the WWE Championship right now as a badge of honor to show that he got what he wanted. The recognition that he so deserves.

I just watched the CM Punk Comic-Con ambush and everybody just ate it up. To me, Punk came off as brash and snobbish to the "new boss" Triple H at his panel. Almost rubbing the WWE Title in his face.

If this was a shoot/worked shoot situation I've lost a lot of respect for Punk. If it was a full work, he is doing his job well. Generating a response from the WWE Universe.

A WWE Champion once said, "Whether you cheer me or boo me, I earned it."

That champion was John Cena, and I share his sentiment on this matter. It seems to me every time I start to like CM Punk, he takes action that make me dislike him all over again.

Alright, go ahead and destroy me in the comments since I've bashed the "next Stone Cold." I apologize to any I've offended, but until next time...

I'm Merlot Williams, and that's my opinion.