WWE News: Matt Hardy Raid and Arrest Was the Result of His Girlfriend's 911 Call

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2011

Matt Hardy in a hospital bed, presumably on the day of Reby Sky's 911 call.
Matt Hardy in a hospital bed, presumably on the day of Reby Sky's 911 call.

TMZ has an article about Matt Hardy's latest arrest that includes a link to a PDF of various documents relating to the the raid on his house.  In the documents are various warrants and reports that explain exactly what happened.

Rebecca "Reby Sky" Reyes, Hardy's girlfriend who has lived with him for the past nine months, called 911 this past Wednesday (September 14th), which was the day that the news broke about his DUI arrest two days earlier at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  She had left their house in Cameron, North Carolina and driven to nearby Vass, NC, where she called 911 and told the dispatcher that Hardy was "strung out on pills and needed help."

The officer on the scene "observed that Matthew Moore Hardy had trouble speaking and was very unsteady on his feet while he stood and talked."  It was determined that he was impaired by "some type of unknown impairing substance other than alcoholic beverages" because there was no alcohol on his breath.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and transported Hardy to the First Health of the Carolinas hospital emergency room so he could be examined.  I would guess that this is when he shot the video of him being admitted to a hospital with Sky at his side that he uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

One of the officers spoke to Sky after she drove back to the house to check on Hardy.  She told the officer (Sgt. Kyle Marsh) that in an outbuilding on Hardy's property, housed a Sentry safe containing "numerous Vicodin" pills that she knew Hardy did not have a prescription for.

Sky gave the keys to the safe to Marsh, who entered the building with Det. Sgt. Jerry Aponte.  After walking around the building, they couldn't find the safe.  Aponte then spotted a hand truck in the building and tire tracks from it that led out the rear door.  The tracks stopped by a stack of bricks covered by a piece of tin, which he then removed, revealing the safe.

On the basis of what the police found, they applied for a search warrant to look for prescription pills, documentation of residency, documentation of drug transactions, shipping labels, prescription bottles, U.S. Mail and U.S. Currency.  The warrant applied to the main house, anything on Hardy's person and any person on the property, any vehicle on the property, all outbuildings on the property, all safes on the property, and the front, back and side yards.

The police found and seized the following:

  • Empty glass containers of "Blue Locus [sic] Extract"  (A quick Googling shows me that they were actually referring to "Blue Lotus Extract," which appears to be some sort of legal intoxicant.)
  • A "handwritten note" of some sort.
  • "Vials of liquid substance" (Presumably the anabolic steroids named in the charges, revealed in the TMZ documents to be 200 milliliters of whatever steroid it was.)
  • "Vial of white powder substance"
  • Syringes (Presumably the drug paraphernalia named in the charges)
  • An empty packet of "K2 Smoke Blend," one of the synthetic marijuana substitutes that have gained infamy in the last year or so.
  • $1,961 in cash
  • "Small blue pill" (Presumably the Ecstasy/MDMA named in the charges)

Hardy was not arrested at the time and turned himself in yesterday, September 19th.  He was released based on a written notice to appear.  It's noted in the documents that "If Mr. Hardy fails to complete his treatment program, he is to be returned to the Moore County Detention Center" and placed under a $1 million bond.

Well, I guess that makes it clear that he's absolutely telling the truth about going to rehab.  As I mentioned in the earlier article, Hardy will appear in court on September 29th.