Green Bay Packers Win, Cam Newton Plays Peek-a-Boo with Camera

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIISeptember 18, 2011

Charles Woodson, we will sing songs about you in Wisconsin
Charles Woodson, we will sing songs about you in WisconsinStreeter Lecka/Getty Images


Oh, a-hem, greetings from the Frozen Tundra, friends!  A very happy, rain-soaked Frozen Tundra, where the beer will be flowing into the streets long into the evening.

Well, it is safe to say from my opening sentence that the Green Bay Packers beat the Carolina Panthers.  However, that first quarter wasn't what I had initially hoped for.  Seeing Cam Newton smile and throw down celebration moves did not make Casa Moen-Kadlec a very happy place. As a matter of fact, Manpig bunkered down on the couch and the beagle took off for safety in her super-secret hidey hole (aka under the bed) because someone in the house was VERY VOCAL.

It may or may not have been me.  However, no noise complaints have been received and there was no law enforcement involvement.  Yet.

Around the second quarter, I began to stop yelling so much at the television set.  My general dislike of Cam Newton began to take a back seat to the awesomeness of Charles Woodson.

We may have to clone Charles Woodson, friends.  If Peyton Manning can go to Europe for stem cell medical treatments, we can certainly send Charles Woodson to Europe for cloning, right?  I figure, if we have a new Charles Woodson every 10 years, we will have one heck of a football team for a few generations at least.  With that being said, we have the original Charles Woodson now, and that means a victorious Packers.

Four interceptions by the Packers.  Not only four interceptions, but we got to have the privilege of seeing a panicked Cam Newton fleeing with a possibly deranged Clay Matthews hot on his heels.  We also saw Cam Newton flee from B.J. Raji, which is probably what I would do in the same situation.

Cam Newton, and his BFF: the towel
Cam Newton, and his BFF: the towelStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

Cam Newton played a very good game, even though it hurts me to say that.  But sitting on the sidelines, looking up at the camera and then hiding in his towel?  Come on, buddy.  Interact with your team.  When Cam Newton scored in the final two minutes?  The look on his face made me think, "This man thinks that he IS the Carolina Panthers."  And that really doesn't fly with me and hopefully doesn't fly with his team either.

You're a part of a team, Cam.  Even though you jumped to three different teams in college, you should probably be told that you aren't getting out of the Carolina Panthers as easily as you did with your college teams.  There's about $22 million that says you are going to be in Carolina for awhile, my dear.

Aaron Rodgers, for the most part, remained on his feet, which is a major improvement made by the offensive line.  We were also witness to Donald Driver breaking yet another record.  And who didn't love seeing Jordy Nelson make his amazing catch in the last quarter, complete with a trip to the end zone. 

Note to Jordy Nelson: Manpig and I watched in horror as you ran to the stands, as we could only think, "Dear God, if he Lambeau Leaps, there is going to be carnage!"  When you just gave the wall a little bump, we both breathed a sigh of relief.  Come home to Green Bay, Jordy, where we will catch you into the welcoming arms of Packers fans.

With a Packers win, we can all smile now, at least until next Sunday when the Packers play the Bears. And we can all take comfort in the fact that the Packers defense is still working on world domination, one offense at a time.