Getting Back To Dallas Cowboy Football

Taylor GramAnalyst INovember 24, 2008

Before last Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys were ridiculed and put down. Their star Quarterback had an injured pinkie, Their veteran Wide Receiver was unhappy about the team's play, Wade Phillips was considered "On the Hot Seat", Rookie breakout Felix Jones was placed on IR, Adam Jones was suspended, and Roy Williams was yet to be productive. The only upside to this was that Terrence Newman was back from injury.  

Brad Johnson could'nt hit the broad side of a barn, while Brooks Bollinger wasn't any better. Great relief came to Dallas when tony Romo was announced to play against the Division Rival Redskins. It was a must win game for the Cowboys. They came together and scratched out a win in D.C. to save their almost lost season.

This last weekend Dallas took on the San Francisco 49er's at home in Irving. The Cowboys were on their way to rebuilding themselves halfway through the season.

In the first quarter the 49er's easily drove the ball up and down the field but couldn't convert for touchdowns, only pulling away six points. The Cowboys had yet to threaten the San Francisco Defense, punting on each drive.

I was disappointed as I watched, but realized something familiar. Last year, the Cowboys had one of the best regular seasons in franchise history, Regular season being the key words here. In almost every game they were either down of hadn't scored in the first quarter. They were notorious for slow starts.

So I relaxed and let the game play out from there. After the first quarter it seemed as though they were beginning to play Dallas Cowboy Football again.

They had a high powered offense that could not be stopped, and a defense that was not great, but solid.

I know what your thinking, "They were playing the San Francisco 49ers!". Yes, they were, but the win wasn't important here, heck, I could drop 40 on the 49er's with my hands tied behind my back.

They point to this is that they won by playing the kind of football they needed to play the whole season.

Terrell Owens had over 200 receiving yards, Roy Williams has started to be affective, the defense held up through most of the game holding Shaun Hill to, at one point late in the game, 1-for-7, no touchdowns and one interception.

It's now or never, the Cowboys need a late season run to grab a wild card spot, and as long as they play like they have done the past two weeks, they should have no problem in doing so.