Favre Giving Jets Fans Reason to Believe

Adam Fier@haveNOfierCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008



Remember way back when, when Brett Favre was too old, too washed up, too prone to turnovers, and too attached to Green Bay to make a difference in New York?

Remember all the critics who said that even with Brett Favre, the Jets were, at best, an 8-8 football team?

Well, after only eleven games into his New York Jets career, Favre already has the Jets at eight wins, and certainly isn't showing his age.

No, the 39 year old gunslinger is still firing rockets, still smiling, and still having fun like only Brett Favre can.

Oh, and he's still winning football games.

His numbers, while not eye-popping, are better than respectable.

His 20 touchdowns have him ranked third in all of football, while his passer rating of 94.1 is good for seventh.

He's ninth in passing yards with 2,461, while the most surprising statistic of all might be his completion percentage, a category in which he leads all NFL quarterbacks, completing 70.6% of his passes.

Sure, he's thrown 13 interceptions, which conveniently also lead the league, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise for a guy who is the all-time career leader in both touchdowns and picks.

Of course the most important statistic is one.

One representing first, as in the place in the standings Favre finds his team.

Despite his turnovers and his early season struggles, Favre has the Jets poised for a postseason run that not many anticipated—and certainly nobody, but perhaps Favre himself, could have foreseen looking this good this early in the season.

While eleven games into the season may not register to many people as "early", it should for a Jets team that finished 4-12 last season—when the season couldn't have ended "early" enough.

For all of his struggles during the first half of the regular season, it's fair to place a considerable amount of blame on the lack of chemistry between Favre and his teammates.

As the chemistry has improved so have the results, as the Jets bounced back from their heartbreaking loss to the lowly Oakland Raiders by rolling off five consecutive victories.

Those five victories include wins on the road against their division rivals in Buffalo and New England, as well as in Tennessee where they went toe-to-toe with the undefeated Titans, and made them look more like a winless team than one without a loss.

During their 34-13 victory in Tennessee, Favre was as his best, completing 25 passes in 32 attempts for 243 yards and two touchdowns, while earning a victory in an NFL record 32nd stadium.  He also hit the 20 touchdown mark for a record 14th time.  Both marks break records previously held by Dan Marino.

For all the criticism surrounding the way in which he left Green Bay and landed in New York (or New Jersey if you will), Favre has come in and given Jets fans something they haven't had in a long time: hope.

They have hope that their time has finally come, with the opportunity staring them in the face with Tom Brady out for the season and the rest of the AFC up for grabs.

To make things better, Favre hasn't only come in and started winning, he's shown he can still enjoy himself while doing so—bringing that boyish charm that's always endeared him to fans all around the league for nearly two decades.

Now he looks to author another chapter of an already brilliant story book career, as he has the Jets on the brink of making a playoff run.

He's too old, his hair is too grey, and he still makes throws that have you questioning his decision to end his brief retirement.

But with those throws come his passion, his leadership, and his love of the game which have the Jets among the league's best teams.

Let the critics keep their doubts.

Jets fans will gladly keep their quarterback, and the hope he brings with him.