Tony Romo Is Catching Too Much Blame for Cowboys Loss in Week 1

Kyle ZALLContributor IIISeptember 15, 2011

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 11:  Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys calls out signals at the line of scrimmage against the New York Jets during their NFL Season Opening Game at MetLife Stadium on September 11, 2011 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  The Jets won 27-24. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

I think we are all well aware of the idea that quarterbacks receive too much praise when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses, but that does not mean that it makes much sense.

After hearing all this venom being spewed at Tony Romo this week I took a peek at the archives on to see what sort of arguments were being made on Romo’s behalf, and to my surprise I did not find one. Not one? Is that possible? It sure is.

Apparently he is the anti-Kyle Orton. People will defend Orton even though he sucks, and meanwhile they love to crush Romo even though he is borderline elite at his position. I found this to be a tad bit frustrating and mystifying.

When looking at the Cowboy’s loss last week in the Meadowlands, there was a list of things that went wrong, ranging from the play calling to decision-making to special teams assignments. But in the media this week the only topic of ineptitude that has been covered is the mistakes Tony Romo made.

Let me start by saying this, by no means am I a “Romosexual.” I am not even a Cowboys fan. But that is exactly why I may be able to shed some clarity on this topic.

Lets be serious with ourselves, Romo was far from the only reason the Cowboys lost that game. In fact, he was probably the only reason the 'Boys even had a chance to win it.

On the play in which Romo fumbled, he has been criticized for not playing conservatively enough when he dove towards the end zone. But I would not necessarily blame him for this; it is not as if the coaching staff did not want him to go for the kill.

Up seven with a chance to potentially ice the game with just a field goal, they line up four wide and try and throw it? I’m not saying it is a bad call, just that it isn’t the safest one. Asking why wouldn’t you run it is a fair question in my mind since you don’t need the touchdown. They were trying to go for the kill, and there is risk involved with that mentality.

We know what happens next. The Cowboys have the ball once again and are looking to punt. But then it gets blocked. I find it absolutely mind boggling how this is overlooked by virtually everyone in the media. How you let this happen at this point in the game is inexcusable. THIS is the play that cost them the game.

The way Romo is being talked about makes you think he was blocking for the punt and was the one that let Joe McKight get a hand on the ball.

None of the plays Romo made gave up any points; the blocked punt did. As bad as the interception he threw was, it doesn’t happen if the punt doesn’t get blocked. The pick pales in comparison to the blocked punt in how each play ultimately affected the game. But that doesn’t get talked about; I guess it's just not as sexy as the Romo-bashing is.

You can look anywhere you want and you will see people talking about how the Cowboys should start looking for a new quarterback, or is Romo the NFL’s version of Lebron. I simply do not get it.

Take a step back and do not be a prisoner of the moment. Romo was lighting up the Jets for most of that game. The same Jets’ defense that took Tom Brady out behind the woodshed last season in Foxboro. If it were not for him, the team would not have even been in a position to collapse at the end.

Romo is not the problem in Big D. Maybe before throwing Romo to the wolves they should address their offensive line.  A few more rushing yards wouldn’t have hurt anyone. Not giving up over 300 passing yards to the average Mark Sanchez wouldn’t have been a bad idea either.

Has Romo shown to have the clutch gene so far in his career? Not exactly. But the same thing could have been said of the now untouchable Dirk Nowitzki who often struggled throughout his career when the bright lights turned on. Some guys need to have the right surroundings or are just late bloomers when it comes to handling the pressure.

Romo has the talent of other top flight QBs in the league. But remember, he is closer to Brett Favre than he is Peyton Manning. He is a risk-taker and all that good stuff.

You cant praise him for taking chances and lighting up the Jets for the first three quarters and then jump all over him for taking chances that didn’t work out in the fourth quarter.

Cowboy fans, it is time to learn to take the good with the bad. Because there are about 25 other teams in the league that would love to have Tony Romo on their team.