Ten Top 10s After Week 13 in College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer INovember 23, 2008

Top 10 Teams

1) Alabama—I'll be as shocked as anyone if they occupy this spot on Dec. 7.

2) Utah—Undefeated and the run away winner of the Holy War

3) Boise—Survived a scare but got it done.

4) Ball State—Will WMU be their undoing?

5) Oklahoma—Just a tough call.

6) Texas—Beat No. 5.

7) Florida—I'm sure their fans won't like this too much but what am I supposed to do?

8) Penn State—Looks like they are the odd man out.

9) USC—I like the Defense, if they lose it will be the Offense's fault.

10) Oregon State—These guys haven't lost in a long time.

Top 10 Games This Past Week

1) Buffalo 40, Bowling Green 34 —Just when you thought it was over...

2) Oregon State 19, Arizona 17—The Beavers never led until the final gun sounded.

3) Ball State 31, Central Michigan 24—Everything we thought it would be and more.

4) Purdue 62,, Indiana 10—That's the way to send out your retiring coach.

5) Syracuse 24, Notre Dame 23—What can you even say?

6) Boise 41, Nevada 34—Not really as close as the score.

7) Northern Illinois 42, Kent State 14—Not a great game but we had a hoot in the chat room.

8) Boston College 24, Wake Forest 21—BC showed guts even with their QB going down.

9) Cincinnati 28, Pittsburgh 21—Congrats to Brian Kelly and the Bearcats on their Big East title.

10) Washington State 16, Washington 13—Eyes glued to the TV watching the worst College Football has to offer.

Top 10 People I Am Thankful For This Year

1) My Wife—A true testament to patience and understanding.

2) The readers,  people, and the community of The College Football Place—350,000 unique visitors a month and growing every day, I am truly humbled.

3) Jordan—I hope everyone gets a chance in their life to work with someone who truly gets it.

4) Baby Tate—Not only the most knowledgeable and most informed person at Bleacher Report, also just a class act.

5) Yaro Starak—While he reminds me it was my dream, he helped me realize it.

6) Zander Freund—Unyielding supporter and defender of free speech and freedom of the press; I respect the heck out of that.

7) Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden—College football is better with these guys in it.

8) Gideon Shalwick—Gave me the confidence to add video to my blog; this is how most people recognize me.

9) The gang I grew up with—We knew at a very young age that football was a special game.

10) The people of Chicago—The best city to live in in the world!

Ten People Who Had A Bad Week

1) Charlie Weis—Not going to be fun in South Bend.

2) Ty Willingham—Not the way you want to go out.

3) Mike Leach—His team had NO answers.

4) Anyone still long the stock market—We touched 7500 on the Dow this week.

5) People who picked against me—I went 13-5 against the spread and 7-2 against the spread on my big picks.

6) Ron Zook—Great recruiter, bad coach.

7) The Miami Hurricanes—Back and on their way back mean two totally different things.

8) Tim Brewster—Not going to be the Coach of the Year

9) Mark Cuban—I don't get it, this guy is worth how much?

10) Butch Davis—See "Ron Zook" (No. 6).

Top 10 Heisman Candidates

1) Tim Tebow—Why not?

2) Sam Bradford—The Texas Tech game was like an infomercial about him.

3) Rey Maualuga—I have no problem with it going to a defensive guy.

4) Colt McCoy—The accuracy this year has been unreal.

5) Knowshon Moreno—The best Running Back in the country.

6) Graham Harrell—Will get plenty of votes.

7) Michael Crabtree—Will be splitting votes with Harrell.

8) Beanie Wells—May be the best player.

9) Trevor Vittatoe—An inside joke, but really he's no joke; give him another year.

10) Nate Davis—He's had a heck of a year.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods

1) Turkey—It's all about the bird; the star of the show.

2) Stuffing—Some call it dressing, I call it my second favorite.

3) Mashed Potatoes—Hello!

4) Corn—Anyone getting hungry?

5) Sweet Potatoes—Extra starch?, count me in.

6) Rolls—Hot, crusty, beautiful rolls.

7) Green Beans—Are these just for show?

8) Gravy—This should be it's own food group.

9) Cranberries—Not everyone is a fan, I am.

10) Pumpkin Pie—Last but certainly not least.

Ten Favorite Games With Nicknames

1) The Backyard Brawl—Just a great name for a game.

2) Holy War—Sounds like a battle.

3) Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate—So what exactly do they mean?

4) The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party—The name was better than the game this year.

5) Civil War—War seems to be a good word for a named game.

6) The Big Game—Sounds like they mean business.

7) Bedlam—Always has been one of my favorites.

8) The Iron Bowl—Men of steel?

9) The Arch Rivalry—Played in St. Luis of course.

10) The Game—The Big Game was already taken.

Top 10 Trophies for Games

1) The Old Oaken Bucket—I just like saying it.

2) The Little Brown Jug—Another classic.

3) Paul Bunyan's Axe—Looks very cool when they carry it around.

4) Chief Caddo Trophy—Just lovely at over 7 feet tall.

5) The Wagon Wheel—Anyone ever see When Harry Met Sally?

6) The Old Brass Spittoon—These guys kill each other for it, my wife wouldn't let me bring it in the house.

7) The Iron Skillet—I saw one of these going for 35 cents at a garage sale recently.

8) The Beehive Boot—Who wouldn't want to play for the Boot?

9) The Keg of Nails—Looks just like it sounds.

10) The Peace Pipe—This can get you arrested in 23 states.

Top 10 USA Today Preseason Teams From This Year

1) Georgia—The Dawgs were more bark than bite.

2) USC—May finish near this same spot.

3) Ohio State—Stumbled in the big games.

4) Oklahoma—Pretty close.

5) Florida—I wonder if the Gator fans gave these guys as hard a time as they give me.

6) LSU—Maybe No. 6 in the SEC?

7) Missouri—Never got over the hump.

8) West Virginia—Tough start and they were doomed.

9) Clemson—What exactly were they thinking?

10) Texas—The Longhorns were underrated for a change.

Ten Games I'm Looking Forward To This Week

1) Oklahoma State at Oklahoma—The Big 12 and another big game.

2) Florida at Florida State—Real Gator fans know this is no gimme.

3) Georgia Tech at Georgia—Should be a good game.

4) West Virginia at Pittsburgh—Panthers won as 29 point digs last year.

5) Oregon at Oregon State—These teams do not like each other.

6) Auburn at Alabama—Looks horrible on paper but you never know.

7) Notre Dame at USC—Anyone else looking forward to watching this?

8) Houston at Rice—Should be an offensive show.

9) Western Michigan at Ball State—Does Ball State stay perfect?

10) South Carolina at Clemson—The battle for the Palmetto State.

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