American Males and the 6 Lamest Theme Songs in WWE History

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American Males and the 6 Lamest Theme Songs in WWE History

According to popular wrestling lore, back in the early 1980's, a young Hulk Hogan bribed an audio technician for the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) with $500 if the young techie would agree to play Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" over the arena's public address system upon his entrance to the ring.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, there have been several different accounts as to who introduced the "entrance theme" tradition into the world of professional wrestling. Some folks believe the Hogan story, while others claim that certain wrestlers had been accompanied to the ring by some sort of music long before Hulkamania was even a thought.

Whatever the case, since the 80's, entrance theme songs have gone hand in hand with sports entertainment. Aside from a very small number of wrestlers, such as Andre the Giant, who never had any sort of entrance music during his illustrious career, virtually every big-time wrestler is quickly associated with a theme song that signals his arrival.

Hulk Hogan, for instance, would go to be synonymous with "Real American" for the majority of his career. Randy Savage came out to the familiar "Pomp and Circumstance," or the song that plays at every graduation you've ever attended. These days, John Cena has "My Time is Now."  Name a wrestler, and chances are, you can name their theme song as well.

That's not always a good thing.

As with anything else in this life, along with the awesome, legendary theme comes the god-awful, cringe inducing theme. That's what we're here to look back on today. While it's not so prevalent in the current world of wrestling, crappy theme songs used to be the norm.

Everybody had to have a theme, and back when wrestling was nothing but a bunch of crazy characters populating the rosters, everybody had to have a theme to match their gimmick. While some of these character-specific themes weren't necessarily terrible, almost all of them were unintentionally hilarious.

So turn your speakers up high, put your laughing boots on, and let's take a look back at the six lamest theme songs in wrestling history!

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