Seattle Seahawk's Roundtable: Week 12

Aaron LinkemyerContributor INovember 21, 2008

Hasselbeck says it all in the photo. The Seahawk's Season has been nauseating. Fortunately, for most of the believers left in Seattle, we have started a  round table. The first roundtable for the Seattle Seahawks, as a matter of fact, on Bleacher Report. Here are this week's questions...

1.Has Hasselbeck shaken off all of the rust, or do you think he will continue to make mistakes against Washington?

Lars Hanson:
I don't think that Hasselbeck has shaken off all the rust. I will be interesting to see if the Hasselbeck-Branch connection gets clicking in the 1st quarter because the Hawks are a quick tempo offense and this season with or with out Matt they haven't gotten of to great starts, at least in the 1st quarter.

Mosang Miles:
I think Hasselbeck will continue to make mistakes.  Even though he's back, I'm sure he still has a bunch of minor aches and pains that will keep him from playing at his best.  Also, I don't think the rust from all his inactivity can be shaken off in just one start.

Buddy Smith:
It's going to take a few weeks for Hasselbeck to return to form. We have to remember that his receivers haven't been playing either. Deion Branch and Bobby Engram are going to have to find their own rhythms. The west coast offense is all about timing. The quarter back makes a three step drop and fires the ball out. Hasselbeck needs to know where all the receivers are going to be. He needs to reacquaint himself with how each of the receivers runs each route.

Branch and Hasselbeck haven't been on the field at the same time for more than one game in almost two seasons. Koren Robinson hasn't played with Hasselbeck in quite some time as well. John Carlson has played with Matt for something like three total games. All this spells miscommunication and balls being thrown where the receiver is not. Number Eight should be able to get quickly on the same page with Bobby Engram, as they have lots of history together.

2.The Redskins average 336 yards per game, while the Seahawks allow an average of 380 yards per game. Do you think the Seahawks Defense will be able to contain them with Campbell struggling, Clinton Portis questionable, and Santana Moss not 100% healthy?

Lars Hanson:
If the Seahawks can get heavy pressure on Campbell from the start of the game and disrupt the Campbell-Moss connection and contain Portis and don't allow him a touchdown in the 1st half then they will be in great shape for the 2nd half of the game.

Mosang Miles:
I don't think the Seahawks defense can contain anyone, much less an offense that actually has some talent, albeit struggling.  The Seahawks will have to hope to stay close the same way they did against Arizona—with the opposing quarterback committing senseless turnovers.

Buddy Smith:
The defense has had three fundamental problems this year: a lack of pressure, allowing big plays, and they're just on the field too long.

The Seahawks have produced 24 sacks this year, but 13 of them came in their two games against San Francisco. Against non San Francisco teams they have simply not provided enough pressure to contain quarterbacks. When a team struggles in this area, they tend to blitz more often. John Marshall's blitz packages haven't been effective, and that's left our secondary in man to man coverage too often.

When blitzes don't get home big plays happen. The Seahawks are one of the NFL's worst at allowing pass plays over 40 yards. When the defense finally does get off the field, our offense has been so inept that three plays later, they're right back at it.

 Against the Redskins they're going to need to put together the right packages to confuse Campbell. I'm sure Jim Zorn is familiar with most of what Seattle does on defense, so confusing this particular quarterback may prove difficult.

If Jason Campbell can stand back there for six or seven seconds on every pass play, it's going to be a long afternoon for the Hawks.

3. Do you think Shaun Alexander will get a few chances against the Seahawks? How motivated do you think he is to prove himself against Seattle if he gets the ball? As A Seahawks fan, what would your reaction be to a big run, or touchdown by Alexander?

Lars Hanson:
Well if Portis doesn't play at about 80% then yes I think Shaun will get a few touches. I think he will be motivated to show the Seahawks front office that they made a mistake by releasing him. I would applaud him if he gets a touchdown.

Mosang Miles:
Based on his past few games, Alexander should get a couple of carries.  I think he would love to have some big plays against Seattle, but I also think he's not the type of guy to hold a grudge.  As far as my reaction, I don't really know what it would be.  I was glad to see him go, but at the same time, I'd like to see him have success—just not against the Seahawks.

Buddy Smith:
I'm sure Shaun will get a few touches this week. Personally I'd love to see him do well. People in this city were so hard on him. After chanting MVP for two seasons the way we turned on him showed us to be the fair weather fans that we are. If he busted a big run in the fourth quarter to silence Qwest field I'd smile. Our season is over anyway.


What can I say gentlemen. Much thanks to Lars, Buddy and Mosang. I am glad we were able to put this together, and I look forward to getting all of our opinions together in the future!