TNA News: Are You Ready for New TNA Champion Bobby Roode?

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2011


"Wrestling Matters."

Impact Wrestling loves that tag, feeling it separates them from the "entertainment" business of WWE.

While TNA has not shown that wrestling matters in many differing ways, there is one aspect of TNA that shows this slogan perfectly: The Bound for Glory Series.

For months, 12 men competed in matches against one another where every win meant something. They were fighting for a title many of them had never claimed.

Well now, that pursuit is over, and one man stands tall. His name is Robert Roode, one of the greatest tag wrestlers in the business today as a part of Beer Money.

At No Surrender, Bobby Roode would run through both Gunner and Bully Ray in convincing fashion.

First, Roode had to make Gunner tap in order to advance to the finals, as he needed 10 points to match Bully Ray's 52-point total; Ray had gained three points earlier that night from a disqualification victory over James Storm.

When Gunner won, and unsurprisingly was forced to wrestle one more time against Bully Ray, the tension was unnerving. The crowd was chanting for Bobby to pull off that final win. Everyone was waiting to see the results of four months of hard-fought wrestling (well, except the announcers who seemed a bit too lackadaisical in their call).

When Bully Ray hit the Bubba Bomb, the crowd was holding their breath and let out a cheer when Roode kicked out. Then, with a big spine-buster, it was just 1-2-3!

The young talent Robert Roode was finally given his chance to shine on the big stage.

At Bound for Glory, Bobby Roode will gain the spotlight in the main event. With Kurt Angle still champion, Roode is just a month away from the biggest win of his career. Roode will become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Why? Because he deserves it, and, no matter how predictable it is, TNA cannot let the entire series go to waste by making the winner lose his big match. That would be the worst mistake in TNA's history. I am convinced of that.

It would destroy the last good thing the company had going for it, and leave them with only their little hash tag, Hulk Hogan, and some great—albeit misused—wrestlers.

TNA made a mistake last night in not allowing Bobby Roode to end the show in the main event, instead opting for the last-minute title match that Kurt Angle had won before the bell rang.

Don't make another mistake, TNA. Show that wrestling matters and make Bobby Roode the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.