NFL Week 12 Predictions: Only Six More to Go

Mike CraigCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

There was a Thursday Night Game that didn't mean anything except for the Steelers making their win-loss record look even nicer.

A nice stat to come out of that game of course though is the fact that the Steelers did not allow a single sack on one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league.

So it is that time again. Looking at how things have been turning out, the AFC East in fact went to the New York Jets last week when they beat the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

The Jets, however, play the undefeated Tennessee Titans this Sunday, and that is no easy task.

With both the Dolphins and Jets running on a four-game winning streak right now, the Dolphins could capitalize off of a Jets loss to the Titans if they win this Sunday against the New England Patriots.

If this happens, the AFC East will once again be tied. That is, of course, if the Jets do in fact lose to the Titans. The Patriots are inconsistent this season, so it is a better bet to go with the Dolphins on this one.

The Buffalo Bills are on a four-game losing streak. However, that should be easy for them to break as they head to Kansas City this Sunday. This will put them right back into the race, especially if the Patriots lose to the Dolphins.

As stated earlier, the Steelers are in fact the dominant team in the AFC North. Now, I know I didn't say that, but come on! They are now 8-3! Who is behind them? Oh yeah, the Baltimore Ravens at 6-4.

If the Ravens can beat the Philadelphia Eagles (which judging by the tie with the Bengals last week may not be too hard) then they will still only be one game behind the Steelers.

Then you have the Cleveland Browns. I know they are only 4-6, but if they win the rest of their games, that record becomes 10-6. Looks nicer doesn't it? I thought so. With Brady Quinn playing pretty good, and the Browns now starting to find some sort of rhythm, I wouldn't be surprised to see this team take second in the AFC North two years in a row.

They have Houston next who is now on a three game losing streak. Show us some more magic, Quinn.

The AFC South is still being dominated by the Tennessee Titans. At 10-0, obviously they look like they are to be the sure AFC South Champions. They play the New York Jets this Sunday, and as we have seen in these past four weeks, the Jets are a lot better than people expected them to be.

Will the Titans go 11-0, or will the Jets keep rolling on with their winning streak?

The only team to even cause ANY sort of challenge to Tennessee's reign as champs is the Indianapolis Colts, who are sitting on a 6-4 record right now, with a three-game winning streak. Perhaps Peyton Manning has returned to form? They play the Chargers this Sunday night, and I have to say, I am liking the Colts in this one.

There are only two teams in the AFC West that could possibly win it. This still being the worst division in the AFC. The Denver Broncos at 6-4 are a more likely candidate. This Sunday, they play division rival Oakland Raiders. Practice game? I think so.

The other team is the San Diego Chargers who are 4-6. Yes, the Chargers, the same team who lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week by one point (11-10). Stupid zebras ( referees). The Chargers play a Indianapolis Colts team that has turned it on these past three weeks. Sorry SD, I don't think you are winning that one either.

In the NFC, we have two for sure teams that are going to the playoffs. The 9-1 Giants, and the 7-3 Cardinals. The Giants in the NFC East are looking like the better of the two and not just because of their record.

However, we will see if the Giants can keep that up when they play the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday. They are going to need all the big plays they can muster.

The Dallas Cowboys (now with Tony Romo back) are looking like they might be on the rebound. Finally with the missing pinkie placed back into the line up, these Dallas Cowboys could indeed make a run for the playoffs. NFC East championship? Eh, maybe. This Sunday, the Cowboys play the San Francisco 49ers. Easy.

The Washington Redskins are a little off lately, or at least these past two weeks they have been. Washington should have a chance to rebound this weekend when they head to Seattle to play Mike Holmgren's deflating Seahawks.

Okay, so what if Donovan McNabb doesn't know about the over time rule? So what if they tied with the Bengals? The fact is, even with their record having a tie in it, I can't rule them out just yet. This Sunday the Eagles play the Baltimore Ravens who are better than those Bengals. Ummm good luck.

Can somebody please tell me what is going on in the NFC North? I mean one moment, it looks like we have a for sure winner, and the next...whoa, are the Bears, Packers, and Vikings all in a tie...again?!

Wow, okay, well lets see here.

We will start with the team that in in first (cause by tie breaker). The Packers and Bears are both 3-1 in the division while the Vikings are 2-2. Seeming how the Packers beat the Bears, that means the Pack is in first place if we had to have a tie breaker.

On Monday Night Football, the resurgent running game of the Pack heads to New Orleans to play the 5-5 Saints.

The Chicago Bears lost last week against the Packers causing this three way tie. Excuse me, let me rephrase that. Last week, the Bears got destroyed by the Packers causing the three way tie. This Sunday, the Bears head to St. Louis in hopes of trying to stay neck and neck in the division.

The Minnesota Vikings lost a more exciting game than that of the Bears. In the last couple of minutes of the game, the Vikings lost to the Bucs 19-13. This week the Vikings play the Jacksonville Jaguars in Florida. If all three of these teams win, the tie will remain at 6-5.

Heading down to the south of the conference, we have probably one the best divisions in the league right now. The Carolina Panthers are currently ahead of it at 8-2.

Well this Sunday, the Panthers have to visit the Falcons (6-4) down in Atlanta, GA. The Falcons are currently the No.3 team in the division and could very easily get up to the top in three games (if the Panthers lose three in a row).

The second place team in the NFC South is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are 7-3 and could very well get into first place with two games. Might as well not even bother to watch their game this weekend. They will be 8-3 when it is over. They go to Detroit to play the 0-10 Lions.

Last and well, to be honest, least in all of the NFL when it comes to divisions is the NFC West. Can somebody please tell me why they don't just crown the Arizona Cardinals champs already? The Cardinals are now 7-3 and play the New York Giants at home this Sunday. This will be a good game nonetheless. Why can't the rest of the NFC West follow Arizona's lead?

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2008

Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1) @ Baltimore Ravens (6-4) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Eagles

Houston Texans (3-7) @ Cleveland Browns (4-6) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Browns

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) @ Detroit Lions (0-10) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills (5-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (1-9) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Bills

Chicago Bears (5-5) @ St. Louis Rams (2-8) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Bears

New York Jets (7-3) @ Tennessee Titans (10-0) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Jets

New England Patriots (6-4) @ Miami Dolphins (6-4) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings (5-5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers (3-7) @ Dallas Cowboys (6-4) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Cowboys

Oakland Raiders (2-8) @ Denver Broncos (6-4) at 4:05 PM
My Pick: Broncos

Carolina Panthers (8-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (6-4) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Falcons

New York Giants (9-1) @ Arizona Cardinals (7-3) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Cardinals

Washington Redskins (6-4) @ Seattle Seahawks (2-8) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Redskins

Indianapolis Colts (6-4) @ San Deigo Chargers (4-6) at 8:15 PM
My Pick: Colts


Monday, Nov. 24, 2008
Green Bay Packers
(5-5) @ New Orleans Saints (5-5) at 8:30 PM
My Pick: Packers


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