Redskins Top The List Of Most Overrated Team Of The NFL

Jason BravermanContributor INovember 21, 2008

I was originally just going to write about the 'skins, but I will also do my top three overrated teams, with the Redskins being the focus.

The Top Three (starting with the most overrated)

1. Washington Redskins-The skins average 18 points a game, that's fifth worst in the league, coupled with the 20th best pass attack. 

Don't pay any attention to their fifth best rushing yards, Clinton Portis is there whole offense, and even he can't lead them to 30 point game, a feat many teams have accomplished multiple times. 

Only half their wins are against winning teams, and those teams are the Cardinals (who will appear later on this list), the Eagles (who couldn't even beat the lowly 1-9-1 Bengals), and the Cowboys, who have been struggling of late. 

2. Buffalo Bills-Now I'm glad to see that a lot of the hype surrounding them has died off, as the team has been playing horrible of late, but they still are getting too much credit from people who believe they are just in a slump. 

Now yes, their schedule is favorable, but just look at the numbers.  The only major offensive category the Bills rank in the top half of the league is passing yards, which they rank 15th.  That won't be true for very much longer. 

In his last four games, Edwards has eight interceptions, three touchdowns, and has been sacked nine times.  If that doesn't put you over, their defense's best rank is 13th.

3. Arizona Cardinals-They are the only team of the three that will be playoff bound, but that by no means makes them good. 

Their offense is solid, make that their passing offense is great, not their third worst rushing attack.  Of their seven wins, just two come against teams with winning records, both of them standing at 6-4 right now, the worst possible record of a winning team at this point.  Not much proof, I 'm just not sold on them.