Dolphins-Patriots: History Don't Mean Jack. Or Tom. Or Bill.

Jeremiah GriffinContributor INovember 20, 2008

History always repeats itself.

Yeah, sure. Rarely in football. How many back-to-back Super Bowl Champions have there been? Seven. Out of 42 champions.

I know a lot of people are predicting the Patriots will win their matchup with the Dolphins this Sunday because history shows they never lose 2 in a row, so I did a little research on that, dating back to 2001 when their "dynasty" started.

The Patriots HAVE lost two games in a row, or more, on three separate occasions. Miami has only been involved in one of those losing streaks one time, and that game was in Dolphins Stadium. The Patriots have only defeated Miami once directly after a loss, in 2005 at Dolphins Stadium. So that's a wash as far as history is concerned.

The Patriots have won a total of 18 games since 2001 to avoid two game losing streaks. Of those 18 games, nine of them were at home and nine were on the road.

But here's the kicker: The Patriots opponents in those 18 games had a combined record of 132-138. Not very good.

But, most importantly, The Patriots record against the Dolphins since 2001 is 9-6, and four of those six losses were in Miami. The Dolphins swept the Pats in 2000, so Bill Belichick is officially 9-8 vs. Miami.

The Dolphins have beaten the Patriots more than any other NFL team since 2000.

So that's some history for people that like that. Personally, I don't think history means jack in this game. Even Week Three history is.....well, history.

Different players, new styles, new motivation, etc. Whichever team wins, it won't be because of what they did in 2001 and beyond. History doesn't mean anything, even if the analysts want to predict a New England win because of their history that, "they don't lose two in a row".

Dolphins ignore the history teachers, 24-20.