Jim Zorn: A Quick Tip for Success

Dakota smithContributor INovember 19, 2008

Jason Campbell is at his best when he throws a long pass down the field. Santana Moss is at his best when catches a 40-yard catch down the field for a touchdown. We have all figured out that Campbell has one of the biggest guns in the league, and Moss can blast by any CB around. 

So why don't the Redskins throw the deep ball more—a lot more?!

There is a growing trend in the Redskins' passing game. Whenever Moss is heavily involved, the Redskins win. How simple can it be? When Moss has either a touchdown and/or 100+ yards, the Redskins have won.

Some may mention you could say this about many players on the Redskins, like Portis. This is just not true.

For example, the St. Louis Rams: Clinton Portis rushes for 129 yards and two touchdowns and Moss' 22 yards receiving=a Redskins' loss.

Unless Portis is going to rush 200 yards a game, we need our explosive receiver making plays.

One thing that makes me so furious is that we only threw the long ball once the whole game. And when we did, it hit Moss right in his hands, but he dropped it. Then, Portis runs 10 yards for the first down.

Right when we get that first down, Zorn should be saying "Moss, deep, NOW!" Even if he does drop it again (very doubtful for him to drop two consecutively), run Portis on second down to get the first down!

Okay, let's forget about Moss. Anybody for the deep ball! Thomas, Randle El, even Cooley.

Kurt Warner has attempted 87 times to throw the ball 31 yards or more downfield. Regularly, on Sundays, the Manning brothers will go out there and throw a pick or two downfield, then come back out and continue to sling it.

Every Sunday, Brett Favre throws picks on a long pass, then continues to throw the ball deep. You know what all these quarterback's teams have in common? They win.

Campbell has only attempted 24 times for 31+ downfield. He has connected 16 of these times. Call me crazy, but I would rather have Campbell have more interceptions right now, considering this would mean he would take a chance on the long ball more. Two out of three of his interceptions have come on stupid short passes. At least make them worth it.

Blame it on the O-line not giving him those five extra seconds, Campbell's inability to see the field, or Zorn's poor play calling (recently).

Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed—and fixed now—so Campbell can bomb that ball.