Washington Redskins Could Lose Three Games in a Row

Travis EvansCorrespondent INovember 19, 2008

This Sunday could very well be are third loss in a row. I have my doubts, seeing as the Rams, Browns, and Detroit had big games against us. The Redskins...I don't know what to say about them anymore.

So this is my article.


Psych, I'm just playing. The Redskins' offense is terrible, at best.

Brennan for starter!

I had a friend at the Dallas game and he told me when Campbell went three and out, three times the chants came. He called me, and I heard Brennan, Brennan, Brennan. Y'all can say all you want bout him and Campbell, but Brennan will be the starter in a year or so, maybe even this year if this continues.

I hope Portis can run us to victory again. If the run doesn't work, mark another one in the "L" column. I think that Campbell couldn't even win a college game. He can't match the intensity of any team. We need Favre junior—which is an overstatement—but Brennan is a gunslinger.

Smoot, get out 'til you can play like you did last year, when Taylor inspired you. If you get burned again, I swear I will delete you off all my Maddens and friends Maddens. D Hall needs to start, seeing as Springs can't finish a season anymore.

Landry isn't playing the same, either. He doesn't cover very well this season. Marcus Washington is garbage, too. He was good like two years ago.

Well, I'm saying don't be surprised if we lose.